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I Want To Make My Meat Grow!


So, I order the Berardi DVD and I'm looking at the protein requirements for the losing fat recommendation... and he has you eating approx 240 g of protein from 2 cups egg whites, 12 oz lean beef and 8 oz chicken, plus some cottage cheese.

Now, the only thing on there I actually like to eat is red meat. Egg whites make me gag and I'd much rather have a shake in the morning. I'd rather have a shake than chicken. So, my question is, how much of this daily meat intake can I replace with nice Low-Carb Grow! shakes?

I know, I know, I'm supposed to eat "real" food. I'm just not sure why. Vegatables and fruit, I understand. But what nutrients do chicken or egg whites or beef have that I couldn't get with Grow! and a vitamin plus healthy fat like fish oil?

Plus, I get tired of cooking. So, if I could (and I guess I can since I'm an adult, sort of), I would have Grow shakes with just about every meal as my protein source.

Yet something tells me that's a bad idea...

Phill? Anybody? What are the problems with this plan? And how much delicious Grow! can I imbibe a day on a regular basis as part of a healthy diet?

For the record, I'm 43, 6'1, 211 and at about 15% bf. My goal is to get to 10% or less. Abs, veins, that sort of thing...


Bump... any comments on the nutritional value of Grow! vs chicken or egg whites or beef?


From a phsyique standpoint, I don't you'll have problems. From a long-term health standpoint, real food is better. Not that Grow! is not an excellent thing to include in you diet. But whole foods protein had plenty of micronutrients and different profile. You want whole food in your diet...


I always hear that real food is better, but the only reasons I know of are:

1) Solid food digests slower and is more thermogenic while digesting.

2) Solid foods have other micronutrients that the powders don't.

But...with the casein protein in Grow! you shouldn't have to worry about reason #1, and it still has vit/minerals and along with a good quality vit/min supplement (taken twice or 3 times a day) should be enough to not worry about reason #2.

Just my thoughts on it.

Plus if you think about the protein/cost ratio, compared to meat, Grow! seems pretty cheap too.


/begin paraphrase


I just spent my money on this new Berardi DVD and now I want to ignore the advice and guidelines that he prescribes.

Could someone on T-Nation, with less credentials than Berardi, give me the thumbs up and the go-ahead on my own fat-loss plan?

Much appreciated.

/end paraphrase

I think we can all agree that variety is good. Varying digestion rates and nutritional make-ups are the benefits of eating a wider array of foods.

More extreme diets, ie. the velocity diet, are meant as short term plans.

What have you been eating for protein up until now?

They're called supplements for a reason. I would be surprised if you could find anyone on here recommending replacing whole foods with supplements indefinitely.




Uh thanks for stating the obvious. I realize it's against the norm and I wouldn't be a good little soldier, following a guru's advice to the T. However, between the kid and the job and the commute, it's not always easy to cook and eat as outlined.

If you have specific answers as to why chicken or egg whites or beef are better than Grow!, please state them. Otherwise, keep your sarcasm to yourself.


I really think that the onus was on you to present a case for why Grow! was better or equal to all of the above as a source of protein.

Here's what google turned up:

chicken breast:


I haven't seen the DVD, so I can't comment on why Berardi prefers egg whites vs. whole eggs. Myself, I prefer whole eggs.

whole eggs:




bon appetit.

Will do.




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