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'I Want to Look Like That Guy.' The Movie


Anyone here seen this movie? Looks pretty good.


I watched one of the interviews with the guy on some Fox station .. he makes good points about being that low of body fat (he got to 6%) isn't functional for the average person who's not going to be a fitness model/competitive body builder.

He makes the point about it being exhausting to get that low and how everyone in your life has to get on board with it.

I'm not saying he's right or wrong but brings up some good points. I give him credit for his dedication, it takes a lot of mental focus to get down to that bf%.


This looks pretty darn good.

And - What a coincidence... he trained using Max-OT. No way!


On one hand, I like that it shines a light of respect on the lifestyle, it seems really good in that aspect. On the other hand I can totally see this being taken the wrong way, "Oh see it's really hard I'll just stay overweight." "You hear that part where they said your body fights being that lean? Well then why should I try to even get there." Instead of championing the hard work people will use it to further the excuse and acceptance of not being in decent shape.


Is it going to deter you? If the answer is no then why are you worrying about the fatty who'll use that as an excuse to "stay fat"?

My philosophy when it comes to personal choices like that are to each his own. If someone doesn't subscribe to my personal fitness philosophy so be it, it really has no bearing on me. If that same person decides to comment negatively on my lifestyle choices I look at as an open invitation to point out that they haven't seen their dick in about five years without the assistance of some very creative mirror angles.

I know you weren't saying that you agree/disagree with what the movie protrays and that you think some people will use what he said about it being hard as a deterence from working out and being in shape, but I'm saying if someone is that willing to use this as an excuse not to work out or make an effort to clean up their diet than they deserve to keel over when they're 55 because their arteries closed up from all the Wendy's triple stacks slathered in bacon grease and the buckets of KFC original that litter their living room floor right next to the buttermilk ranch dressing that they used to dip their hot wings in. One less ass hole using whatever he/she can as an excuse to explain why they need to wear velcro shoes because they can't bend over and stand up anymore without blacking out.


I agree with you to a point, I do this for myself and I really don't care about their thoughts on my activity. But it is still kind of sad to think how society is and how this will be taken, that's all I meant by my post; I know a lot of people have the attitude that "more fatties means I stick out more" but since I'm not in this to stand out(I mean, I want it to happen because it means I'm doing things right, not the other way around) I think I'd rather see people thinking positively about the path to better health, and not building documentaries filled with potential excuses.

I guess I'd just rather this not exist, because we already know the hard work we put into this, and the only other aspect of this video just seems negative and catering to a growing society of mediocrity.


I completely agree. If the person wants to stay fat and use this movie as an excuse, fine by me. It's like I tell a lot of my clients in the gym. If it was easy to do it, everyone would be walking around with 8 packs. Like everything else in life worthwhile, it takes some hard work, dedication and sacrifice.


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You see it as a potential excuse for the fatties; and if they want to use it as an excuse they don't need the documentary to make excuses up. Chances are they've been finding excuses their whole lives.

I think more people will appreciate and understand more than they used to just how much dedication it takes and how physically and mentally exhausting it can become to do the things that bodybuilders and serious lifters do. There are people who lift as a hobby or to look "good enough" for the beach, there are those of us who want to achieve greater things physically than most can or will for the sake of ourselves, then there are those who don't understand or don't want to put forth that much effort and dedication.


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While I disagree with the message at the end of the interview, I think the interview really shows how much more a lot of people could be doing, people who have been stuck at the same level for months or even years. Look at the OP's video to see how much progress he made, and how much different he looks. According to this interview, the process took about 6 months. Think about it, that huge of a change in only half a year, and you have people who've been training for years who don't come close to his end result. Are you really pushing yourself as hard as you could be? Probably not.


While the idea of the documentary is a good one, the message is not so much.


They really should have at least stated a healthy bf% you can maintain in the interview


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Maybe this will sway some minds.

I cant stand when people try to validate someone being strong or huge by saying "its only because of roidzz"

Not many people realize what it takes to get there.


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