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I Want to Lift a Tree


I want to be strong. I figured out keeping a public training log would make the process easier if I get input from veterans, so that’s what I’m doing.
Stats are:

Bodyweight: 85~kg
Height: 185 cm
Bench: 70x3
OHP: 40x5
Squat: 98x3
Deadlift: 120

I’ve done GZCLP, and started NSUNS until I almost dropped the bar on my neck benching two days ago. I decided to do a program where I’m not so near to my max, so I switched to 5/3/1. I’ve decided to do FSL, and I’m two days in.

Goals in sight: To be able to do 20 pullups in a row. Currently I do 9. I’m following Pullup Armstrong Program first thing in the morning.
To bench my bodyweight.
To OHP 50kgs.
To Squat 120kgs.
To Deadlift 140kgs.
To run 1km in 3:20 min.

Diet was 2400kcal a day, I’ve been cutting for maybe 2 years after being 115kgs. I was feeling weak and tired, so I decided to increase to 2900 at least until the summer is over. I might recomp a little, and I will hopefully give my body a break from long dieting.

So that is all, Tpeople, I will report back when my next workout is over. Today I did OHP on my first week of 5/3/1 FSL, and hit 7 reps at 32,5 kgs. Any input or questions will be appreciated.


How much does a tree weigh lol?


Well, I already can lift a bonsai, for reps even.
Today was squat day. Final working weight at 75kgs, I did 7 reps. Then 5 sets of 5 at 57.5 kgs. It was easy. I was supersetting the FSL sets with standing cable crunches, 20 reps each time at 31 kgs.
Then I ended with 3x8@57.5 Snachtgrip Sumo. Easy too.
I guess this is normal and it will get more difficult as the weeks go by. I’m not in a hurry by any means, so that’s ok.


Yesterday was bench day, I did only 5 reps at 55kgs on the 5+ set because I almost failed mid-rep. It was weird because it felt like my pecs stopped working for 0.5 secs and then it went all normal. We’ll see how the 3+ next week goes. Accesories are good, I’m just doing lots of rear delt and rotator cuff work.

Today I did 9 pullups, I’ve been at this for 3 weeks now, and it’s getting frustating, I might change to that Recon Ron Pullup program and see if I can progress.


I’m in, like the Hamster asked, weight of the tree please?

That is fast, what’s your current 1K time?

Well done Mate

How do you snatch grip a Sumo lift??


Thanks man, it’s been a journey, and finally I’m close to where I want to be.

The snatch thing is something Candito does, it’s supposed to hit your glutes and hamstrings more.

As for the tree, I have no idea, but I want to lift one. I guess they are like 200kgs?

Edit: my 1km was slow as hell, 4:20 min, but I’ve been running for 2 months now, both endurance and 400 and 800ms series and it should be better, I’m trying again on July to see how I’ve progressed.


Yesterday was Deadlift day, I did 97x7 on the AMRAP.

Today was OHP day, and I hit 35x10 on the AMRAP. This is good, I’m hyped and hoping to hit another 10 reps next week at 37.5 kgs. I was supposed to do Cable Crossovers but I don’t like the exercise, and I’m thinking about working on dips, as I did my first one ever last week. Doing negatives up until I can do 10 slowly should work.


Yesterday was Squat day, I did 80x7 on the AMRAP. It was really near my limit, I could have maybe do one more, not 2 more for sure.
Today was Bench day, I did 57.5x4 on the AMRAP. I had more reps on myselft, but I guess I’m still a little scared about that missed lift some weeks ago. I will educate myselft on using pins correctly and start benching with them next week, as I changed to a gym with racks just this week. Also the bars are great, I don’t know how I’ve been going to this other gym for weeks, the difference is abyssmal.


Yesterday was deadlift day, I did 102.7x7 at the 1+. Feels good, I hope I get at least 5 reps at 107.5 next cycle.

Today was OHP day, I did 37.5x9, new PR again. Hoping to get at least 7 reps at 40 next cycle.

This is all, I’m trying different assitance such as farmer walks, bearhug carries, etc, just something to increase work capacity, I’ll keep this for some weeks until I find something that I really like.


I could use some help. Tomorrow I’m starting to do weighted pull-ups as I’ve been stuck at 9 for some weeks now. How much would you say I should put on the belt? I’m thinking about 5 kgs, because it sounds easy. The plan is to progress GZCL style, first 5x5, adding 1.25 kgs each workout until failure, then 3x5, then 3x3 and reset to the last successful 5x5 weight. Also I will be alternating between chins and pullups daily to make it more interesting. So considering I have literally no idea about weighted pullups I will appreciate any input.

As for the 1km run, I’ve improved my 400m series from 1.45 min to 1.24 min in two months. Happy about that. We will see how much the actual 1km has improved on the first week of July.


Today was Squat day, I did 6 reps at 85kgs on the last Set. I should have gone for 7.

As for the Weighted Chins I put on 5kgs and did a 3x5 set no problem, I will try 6.25 kgs next week.


Hey Mate

Sounds like a good idea starting with 5 kg and working up from there.
Tbh I suck at pull ups, the first 5 is easy from there they just suck and the most I’ve ever done is 10 or 11 or something.
Check out TN articles I think there is a ton about how to get better.
You could try to work up in weights to a 1 - 3 RM then some back off sets like 5x5 BW.


Thanks a lot for the idea, I didn’t really think about back off sets and they are a great way to increase volume, so I will do that.

Bench day last week was weird, I was trying to bench with safety pins and I kept on touching them with the bar, apparently my arch sucks, so I will have to work on that. I did 60x5, which is meh.

Yesterday I did a 800m run in 3 min, which is 20 secs less from my last 800m some months ago. I have to take my running more seriously, because I simply don’t like it and I have to progress more on it. Still happy, progress is progress.

Today was first Deadlift day of the new 5/3/1 cycle, I did 95x10 on the AMRAP, which is a PR.

Oh, I also resumed my cutting at 2400-2600 kcal, I’m at 84.2 today. Goal is 80 and then slowly bulk even if I’m not lean enough by then. I need to feel strong and gain some muscle already.