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I Want to Level Up - Which Program?

I have lost around 25 pounds in one year. I was chubby, and now I definitely notice the difference. The past year I didn’t train with a specific program, just doing bench press, overheid press and rowing. So, not that challenging. The sets/reps I did weren’t most of the time focussed on hypertrophy. I want to level up, and look like I am lifting. For this, I have to eat more protein at least and train better.

Which training program do you recommend?

Ask me any question if you want more information

Let’s get one thing straight. You only trained upper body while losing weight?

If that is the case, pick a beginner program like Starting Strength, GreySkull LP, 5/3/1 for beginners or something like that. There was also a program where you did four movements three times a week with a 8-6-4 rep scheme or something like that which I found interesting as hell, but I can’t recall the name of the program for the life of me.

Eat well, rest enough, lift progressively and consistently, repeat -> profit.


Oh, I forgot to mention that I also deadlifted in the past year. I don’t focus that much on training legs because they are too big compared to other parts of my body. I don’t want a beginners program, but a bodybuilders program that is purely focussed on hypertrophy (and maybe strength).

It depends on where you stand.If you haven’t hammered down the form on basic movements like the squat and the deadlift or you are extremely weak go by a basic program like a variation of 5x5 that have a lot of volume on the basics and keep you shy of failure

If you have made some gains so far and know how to squat and deadlift,for many lifters 531 is a great bet,since there’s so much info out there,in his books and Wendler himself answers questions in here

Since your goal is mostly physique based,take a look at this one


I will look at it, thanks!

I know how to squat and deadlift. It’s just that I don’t follow a program. I also want to workout with dumbbells more

To be able to reap max benefits from a bodybuilding program, you need to be able to execute the big movements correctly and with at least some weight. Think about going straight to squatting 4x8 with let’s say 60kg vs. squatting 3x3 two or three times a week with a lot more weight.

Both 5/3/1 and GreySkull LP allow you to do strength work with the big movements and do bodybuilding assistance work. The regular 5/3/1 requires you to have a valid training max to work well and that doesn’t really work if you haven’t done any real squatting in the past. Beginner programs often allow you to progress on your own pace and you will grow despite the word beginner being in the program title.

I’ve lifted for 5 years and now after recovering from a back injury, even I am starting a very light beginner routine for squats and deadlifts.


Your best bet IMO.

You’ll find most good programs have a similar daily format when you strip them down:

Main lift

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I think your understanding of the relationship between strength and size is kinda off.If you feel like it check a video Alpha made on his training from 15 years old to today as well as his log

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These work great…

I made this training program, for the purpose of hypertrophy. I want to train my legs once a week, because my legs are not in proportion compared to my upper body; my legs are too big compared to my upper body.

What do you think of this program? What would you change otherwise? Very curious to hear!

Three-Day Hypertrophy Workout
Monday- Back/biceps
Wide grip lat pull down 3x8-15
Shoulders shrugs 3x8-15
Single arm bent over row 3x8-12
Snatch deadlift 3x8-12
Cable row 4x 8
Biceps curls 4x10-15

Tuesday – Legs, shoulders and chest

Back squat 4x10-15
Front squat 3x8-12
Strict press 4x10
Klokov press 4X10
Dumbbell press 4X 12
Incline Dumbbell press 4X 12
Barbell incline press: 4X6

At the end: some conditioning

Wednesday- off

Thursday- Chest, shoulder, triceps

Bench press 4X 10
Hammer strength incline press 3x8-12
DB overhead press 4x8-12
Dumbbell incline press 5X12
Cable fly 4X 14
Shoulder lateral raises 3x12-15
Triceps extensions 3x12-15

Friday: back/ biceps
Snatch deadlift- 3X 6
Cable row 5x 8
Shoulder shrugs 6x6
Pull-ups: 4x 10
Biceps curls: 4x 12-15

At the end: some conditioning

Saturday- off

Sunday- off

You ask recommendations for effective programs, you are given effective programs (quite a lot to choose from) yet you still insist on making your own program and ask for opinions on that. Ask, get answers, utilize those answers. It’s not that difficult.


Honestly man, how the fuck do people have time to do these marathon workouts?