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I Want to Know What Your Favorite Cycle Is

What’s up guys,

I made another thread a bit ago asking about a sample cycle I had in mind with tren although I think I may avoid the tren I have in hand for now based on the fact that even though I seem to have acquired a lot of knowledge about Tren, seems like I need much more.

So give me some of your favorite cycles you have run as suggestions. I have run 5 so far and I have to say my favorite would be the Test E 500/week 10 week cycle I ran stacking with Winny 50mg ED from week 4 to 10, Rad 140 from week 4 to 10, AND Ostarine week 4 to 10 with HCG run at 250ius week 3 to 10 and arimidex run at 0.5mg E3D (twice a week) for duration of cycle.

Although I gained 15lbs of mass this cycle, I have to say it was one of my favs. If I had to run it again for cutting purposes, I would probably take test P instead at 100/150 week and switch the Winny to anavar and cut out the RAD 140. Let me hear your favorite cutting cycles!

My stats are 170lb, 5’11", 26YO, 7%BF. The only reason I’m asking for favorite cut cycles is because I am a boxer and I prefer cut cycles>bulk cycles at this time of my life

Test P 300mg/wk
Mast P 300mg/wk

Thats it. No sides, minimal but quality growth, healthy libido win win. Don’t expect a ton but its good for a mild lean out / small growth cycle.

Test E 120mg/wk
Mast E 700mg/wk
Anavar 60-80mg/wk (6 last weeks of cycle)

Ditto. It’s the only cycle I have ever done and have never needed anything else.

What are you using for ai and pct

I’m on trt so I dont need it. I just go back to my trt dose.

Don’t need an AI on moderate test and Mast. Mast itself has some anti-E properties. I’m a TRT guy like @magnumd.

@bmw328 what do you use for pct? And @magnumd is it cool to mix the test and Masteron together in the same pin?

Im on TRT

Yes that is cool, be aware mast dont do much if your are above 10% fat

I never have so I’m not sure. Personally I just don’t like the idea.

I back-fill Test and Mast I’m the same syringe. No issues

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Now I am just adding this so the OP can add it to his list to read up on.
Clostebol Acetate is actually been getting some news coverage as of late because MMA fighters are testing positive. It is supposed to be a good 'conditioning" compound with strength gains coupled with minimal weight gain.
I actually have some I just have not used it yet. If I remember I will get back on here and give a review. I just thought given what the OP was wanting put of a cycle, then he should at least be aware of clostebol so he can read up.

turinabol (4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) is a cross between clostebol and metandienone. It’s not particularly foreign/new (clostebol), it’s purportedly not very effective.

Are you saying turinabol is not that effective??!?!
To be fair there is a lot of parroting online and a lot of guys think if a compound doesn’t pack on lbs and lbs of wet weight then it can’t be effective. This is not a fair measure.
Then on the other side of that coin for compounds that are best suited for conditioning ,guys think if the compound doesn’t cut them up then it is not a good compound, not true.
Then there are the compounds that are best suited to definition and one of the best fat burners out there is nandrolone but it isn’t not known as a fat burner because you end your cycle in a wet state and then by the time you shed the water most guys are being lazy in the gym and all the “pop” is gone. Seriously go look at some cut stacks from a decade ago and they included Nandrolone Phenylpropionate or NPP. Its a great fat burner then you got the added nitrogen retention to have a very nice compliment of visible full popping muscle heads.

Turinabol is a very good compound for lean quality mass. That is the key right there LEAN and QUALITY. Yes you will not move the scale 20 lbs with turinabol but the 5 or so you do move it, well that is going to stay with you at a higher percentage vs what prevent of mass you get to keep from dbol. Now when you compare lean mass to lean mass from turinabol vs dbol then they are going to actually be kneck and kneck. For the record you will get more weight from dbol but it will be fatty weight and after you subtract the fat then that is when turinabol and dbol will be very close in results.
The east germans used turinabol for decades in their olympic program for a reason. You can say it was just because the testing didn’t detect it but there were plenty of other compounds back then that didn’t show on the tests, and they chose to stay with turinabol.

Now if your saying clostebol is not very effective. (I am a bit finicky with how English can be interpreted, I have spent three years having to very carefully pick my words because my gf speaks English as a second language so there is lots of 'i didn’t realize you meant that" so me answering to both is just a side effect of dealing with her, please don’t read anything more into it) (and I am pretty sure you are saying clostebol isn’t that strong/effective) Then again we have to look at what are clostebol’s strengths. It is a dry compound so yeah it won’t pack on weight but MMA fighters keep getting caught using it. You could say that is because of its detection time, they are wanting something and it is the only thing with that short of a detection time but masteron propionate is going to be kneck and kneck. Masteron is good for strength and aggression. We do see them get caught with masteron as well. But there has to be a reason for the clostebol. I think it is because it is one of those “conditioning” compounds kind of like how EQ will help you improve endurance. We in the bodybuilding world tend to think in terms of gaining or cutting but that third conditioning is very important for the whole “performance enhancing” part of PED. Clostebol is also known for a strength increase. So you get strength and better endurance without moving up a weight class.
Now for anything else yeah clostebol is probably pretty limited. However if you stacked it with something else then that strength increase could come in handy for a weightlifter. After all how many times can we use anavar to bust through a strength plateau before we start getting diminishing returns? Clostebol could be a nice option.

I myself got a head of myself on my AAS journey and ended up trying the all common compounds before I should have. That first time on any given compound usually will be the best return mg for mg. So in the past couple of years I have been looking for “new” (really just different for me) compounds. I have some clostebol and will be rotating it in before too long. I am not expecting anything greatly significant but that added conditioning/endurance should help burn some extra fat while preserving lean mass.
And yes clostebol isn’t really a new compound but it has been getting new exposure as of late. We can thank our friends in China all scrambling to offer us something unique that the others don’t. I am still hoping for oxabolone and actual stenbolone to be available. I read something on oxabolone from someone back in the 80s I think, sounded like something I would like to check out.

I was referring to clostebol not being particuarly effective as a sole agent.

Stenbolone is still produced by some UGL’s btw.

I’ve never used tbol, but data from the east german doping regime shows it’s very effective. Appears to be extremely harsh on lipids though (as all c-17aa orals are. But tbol appears on par with anavar/winstrol)

To me there’s only three steroids test tren and deca. Every thing else is like a sweetener in coffee a nice add in at best don’t expect much.

I’m giving it (tbol) a try shortly. Pretty interested to see what it does. Most say the gains are solid and stay well afterwards.


What dose? Duration?

40 mg per day for 6 weeks. Running test at 600 for 16 weeks. Tbol at the end.

You commented on turinabol gains being quality and staying.
With tbol have been used by the east germans for decades, literally decades, it is basically the one and only AAS that has this giant wealth of data in regards to performance enhancement.
One of the things they did was obviously record pre tbol ability and then during usage ability and finally post usage ability. Now we can assume since they used this in their olympic program that basically all of the subjects were at or very very close to genetic potential. So they had this group of shot putters and they recorded their records before during and post usage of tbol. Well obviously their distances went up during usage but then they found something else out, years down the road. Keep in mind this was years after they stopped using the tbol, their distances were still greater than pre tbol usage. So if they could only go 10 feet before usage then 12 feet while using but then years after they stopped using they could still go 11 feet. So it is solid data driven proof that their are lasting performance enhancements post tbol (AAS) usage.

It really makes you think about those 1 year bans from competition they slap the athletes with. If they use the aas correctly they will still be benefiting from them well after they stop using them.

Now all of that was about lasting performance enhancement but I can assure you that lean mass well gained while using tbol does infact stay with you well, provided you PCT and everything else correctly. (Make yourself keep working out no matter what, that’s the biggest one)

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