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I Want to Know More About I, BODYBUILDER

hello everyone, im Adam and im new to the forum. ive been using TMUSCLE website for sometime and it has given me much insight into my pursuit in body building. ive been training seriously for about 2 years and love every second of it. its my life. other than school and work, all i think about is the gym, the smell of salty steal and rusted metal.

currently i am at 205 and just past week i came of a month of 100% training not taking anything. my supplement arsenal is quite picky. i am slowly warming up to being more open to take diffrent supplements but i still am a little sketch.

anyways… i dont even know if i am posting in the right place… first thing i did was read and watch the I, BODYBUILDER article. i am going crazy. i want to know more. it has drawn me in. and i just wanted to find out some more general information about it. hopefully you guys can help me out.

…the reason it has grabbed me in so violently, is well, i dont know, i have alot peers that we can say well… use other “means” of gaining muscle and thankfully when i started training i was pretty hefty and well fat so i developed a pretty solid structure of muscle out of myself and it seems to me my body is well equiped with producing and harboring testosterone. anyways… i was and kinda still am scared of that whole other “means” route of etting big becuase i see myself at the gym with my peers who use and theres not much diffrence between us except that they dont have to be in the gym as long as me and they are a little more vainy.

i want to gain that extra 20 pounds of muscle. that is why i really want to know more about I, BODYBUILDER.

anyways… thank you all so much like i said im a rookie at this forum so dont be easy on me lol .

thanks! cant wait to hear from you all!

Theres not much us “members” know about it. but considering the fact this website mentioned I, BODYBUILDER ten months ago; i wonder if its ever going to come out so… ya…

It hasn’t come out yet. until then…

Good Christ.

You two need to look around the forum a bit more…

The shit you are looking for is right in front of you.

lol thanks guys. im lovin the forum and learnin lots too

thanks for schooling the 09 class beans.

you know they are a wild bunch

Look in CT’s author section, pretty everything you need to know about it is there.

Thanks cally

Getting myself familarized with the forum

Mac - Why did you black out your face in the avatar pic?

You’ve posted a ton of pictures here previously that show your face - who are you trying to fool!! ; )

The C.I.A is onto you bro…Your 6th grade teacher is a 20 year operative - didn’t think about that, didja?!