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I Want to Grow!

Hi, I have been reading the forums for a while and have decided to join, and i am now starting a journal to track my progress. I do currently keep a written journal. A little about me now.

I am from the UK, i am a medical student and “i want to Grow!” I have been in the gym for around 3 years, but the last year has been the most focused of these. I initially started training stupidly high volume, high frequency and beyond failure with a lot of drop sets! NOT A GOOD IDEA. I try to train more sensibly now.

I am 5 foot 11 inches tall and weigh 205lbs. My bodyfat is between 15-17%. I have never seen my abs and well don’t really care for them until I am a lot larger than i am currently. My arms measure 16 inches flexed and my quads measure 25 inches.

My best lifts:
Squat-141kgx8 reps (310lbsx8), 171kgx1 box squat (376lbs)
Deadlift 171kgx4, (376lbs), 191kgx1 (420lbs)
Bench Press 90kgx8 (200lbs), 101kgx2 (222lbs)
Romanian Deadlift 141kgx6 (310lbs)
Pullups BWx25
Military Press 55kgx6 (121lbs) Strict standing from chest to lockout no leg drive
Incline Press 90kgx3 (200lbs)
Incline DB Press 40kg dumbells x 3 (88lbs)
Overhead seated DB Press 32.5kg dumbells x 10 (72lbs) 30kg dumbells x 15 (66lbs)
Barbell rows, 100kg x 10 strict (220lbs)
DB rows 50kgx 10 strict (110lbs), 60kg x8 not so strict (132lbs)

My next post shall contain my last week of training before i start posting new training records. THANKYOU

11/07/09 bench work
Flat barbell press-20x10,10, 50x5,5 70x5,5, 85x8
Incline Barbell Press-20x10, 50x8, 70x8, 80x5
1 arm db rows- 15x10, 25x10, 35x10, 50x10, 57.5x8
Pullups BWx18
Tri pushdowns- 37.5x10, 41.25x15, 45x15

13/07/09 deadlift work
Rack Pull 20x10, 60x8,8 90x5, 120x1, 140x3, 160x3, 180x6 beltless unfortunately
Deadlifts 90x10, 110x8, 130x6 all these were easy, just for technique work
Lat Pulldowns 60x10, 75x6, 105x6, 112.5x8,10 (lots of swing), 60x20
BB rows 50x10, 80x10, 110x6 (a fair swing required, back was exhaused by this point)

14/07/09 triceps
CGBP 20x15,15, 50x2,2 60x3, 70x3, 80x6
Wide RGBP in smith +30kgx10, +60kgx5, +70kgx8
Pullups BWx25 (last 5 were like those of a gymnast)
Tri Pushdowns 22.5x15, 30x10, 37.5x10, 45x8
Trap Bar Farmers Walk 130kgx80 yards, 180kgx40 yards, 40 yards OUCH!

16/07/09 overhead+biceps
Military Press 20x12,12, 40x3, 47.5x3, 55x6, 40x10
DB Press 18x15, 30x14
Seated Lateral Raises 12.5x10,10 14x8
Pullups BWx20( last 3 like a gymnast)
Hammer curls 20kg dumbellsx6, 24kg dumbellsx8, 30kg dumbellsx10, 24kg dumbellsx8 dropset into 12kg dumbellsx10
lying cable curls 22.5kgx10, 30x10, 32.5x10, 37.5x6
reverse curls 20x10,10
DB shrugs 30sx10, 50sx15, 57.5sx10
standing lateral raises 12x10, 12.5x8, 17.5x8

17/07/09 squat day
20x10,10 50x6,6 80x3,3 100x3, 120x3, 137.5x 5, 100x11
HS leg curl seated 15x15, 30x15, 45x10, 40x14
HS leg press seat very close 60kgx10, 120kgx10, 150kgx10 after this i felt nauseous
SLDL 50x6, 80x6, 100x6 easy but i was nauseous by now
Standing calf raise 60x10, 120x10, 180x10, 250x10
Pullups BWx20 last 6 like a gymnast

I went in twice on Monday, heavy bench in the morning, arms in the afternoon.
Flat Barbell Bench Press-20x10,10 50x2,2,2 70x5 80x3 90x5 100x1 105x1 110x0 100x1

Incline DB Press-24x10 27.5x7 32.5x3 40x4 28x18
DB Row- 28x10 37.5x10 50x15
Standing Cable low row- 75x10,82.5x10,90x10
Rolling tricep extensions 12.5x10,10,10

Barbell curls-20x20,20,20 40x10, 50x3, 60x5 (horrible form), 50x8, 40x15
Lying Low Cable curls-22.5x10, 30x10, 37.5x8, 45x4
Trisets, 10 reps reverse curl, 10 reps behind back wrist curl, 10 reps barbell curl
22.5, 25, 30!
Rolling tricep extensions, 12x20, 16x20, 18x15

21-07-09 Wasn’t sure whether to train or not, but got lots of calories yesterday and 10 hours sleep so i felt fresh plus i can train heavy and often this week, as next week is a planned deload week.

Rack Pulls 50x8,8,8 100x1,1,1,1 130x1,1 150x5, 170x3, 190x6, 240x0! (240 wouldnt budge at all. I tried hard but just wouldnt move, i have got 220 from the same height just over a month ago, but 240 is a step too far. Tried it three times.)
Pullups- BWx10,10,10 all easy sets, very strict
Lat Pulldowns-75x3, 120x6(horrible form) dropset into 67.5x10 very very strict
Standing Cable Rows-45x10, 90x10, 97.5x8 (on the last set the machine started moving so i propped my shins against it,which really really hurt)
DB Shrugs- 30x12, 45x10, 60x8
That was it for today, i think two vertical pulling exercises was unnecessary.

Overheads Day
Military Press 20x20,20 40x3 45x5 50x3 60x3
Front Plate Raises 15x15 20x10 25x10 Yes, we do have 25 kg plates, i am very grateful too, otherwise i would have had to figure out how to hold 2 15s or a 15 and a 10!
Seated Lateral Raises 10kgx10, 15kgx10, 12x10 then 15x10 standing
Rear Delts Machine 30x10 40x10 50x10 60x10

Squat Day
Squats 20x10,10 60x3,3,3 80x1,1,1 100x5 120x3 145x3 160x0 (lost tightness half way through!)60x20 80x10
Box Squats 80x10 100x3 120x2 140x2
By this point my lower back was so pumped it was hurting! I can’t do sets over 10 reps without an insane lower back pump
Leg Extensions + Leg Curls- numbers are obsolete as it wasn’t my usual training facility.
Abs Work

26-07-09 Bullshit Bench workout, shoulder started hurting once i put 80kg on, so fuck it, lets call it a deload

27-07-09 Deadlift Day
50x10, 80x6, 110x4, 140x2, 171x2, 191x0 (WTF?), 171x8!!! That’s 376lbs for 8 reps! Hardest set I have ever done, i think i was egged on by 190 only getting to my knees, then giving up.
Bent Over Cable Rows 45x10, 75x10, 90x10, (90x10 seated)
Shrugs 110x10 (lower back too sore to go heavier)
Torso Twist Abs 20x10, 60x10
Seated Calf Raises 22.5x10, 52.5x10, 75x10,10

30-07-09 until 06-08-09 i went on holiday to DUBAI BABY!!!

07-08-09 Quadriceps, Calves + Abs -
Heel elevated narrow stance squats 50x8,8 80x3 100x2 135x7
Lunge walks 50kg x 10, 10 each leg
Leg extensions 60kg rp 16,5,4
Standing calf raises 75x10, 135x10, 180x10, 270x10–>180x10
Torso twists 60x10, 40x20

08-08-09 Chest
Incline Bench 20x20 50x8,8 70x4 85x5
Incline Db Press 20x10,28x8, 37.5x6
Incline Iso Press 30x10, 60x10, 90x8, 110x1
straight arm pec deck 30x10, 40x10, 50x10, 35x10
standing calf raises 75x20 135x20 180x25

delts + bis
db press 15x12, 22.5x10, 32.5x12, 35x6
side raises 10x12, 12x12, 14x15, 17.5x8, 14x22,25
rear delts 40x10, 50x10, 60x10,70x12,11
front raises 14x10, 18x10, 22.5x10
Lying Cable curls 22.5x10 30x10 37.5x10 45x8
Hammer Curls 30sx10
Reverse Curls 30x10, 35x10
21’s avec 25kg very easy, kinda pointless

back and triceps
barbell rows 20x20 50x10 80x10 100x10 120x8 80x18
Pulldowns 52.5x10, 75x10, 97.5x10, 120x6(bare cheat), 90x10
Db rows 28x10, 50x12
cable rows 52.5x10, 90x10, 120x10, 135x8
Shrugs 80x10, 110x10, 170x8
Close grip bench 20x20 50x10,10 80x8!!!
Decline Skulls 25x10, 35x10 40x8
Cable Pressdowns 22.5x10, 30x10, 45x8

11-08-09 went in did some bullshit biceps workout-
fixed bar ez curls 20x10, 35x10 40x10 50x6
1 set of 21’s with 30kg
reverse curls 25x10 30x10,10
seated hammers 22.5x12
torso twist machine 20kgx10 65x12 40x30

Incline Barbell Press 20x20,20 50x10 70x5 85x6
Incline Iso Press +40x10 +60x10 +100x7 +110x2
Straight Arm Pec Deck 20x10 35x10 45x10 30x10
15 degree incline flyes 16x10, 22x10, 28x10, 32.5x6
Standing Calf Raises 40x20, 120x10, 180x10, 300x8

I didnt read your entire log, but I saw your incline strength is the same as your flat?

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
I didnt read your entire log, but I saw your incline strength is the same as your flat?[/quote]

not far off, my best effort is 85kg for 7 reps on incline and my best flat is 90kg for 8 reps.

13-08-09 Legs
Squat 20x8, 50x8, 80x6, 110x4, 145x4
Stiff leg 50x8, 80x8, 110x6, 140x7
Leg Press 200kgx20, 250kgx25!!! OUCH, widowmaker style, not straight
Leg Ext 40x12, 60x12, 70x12-5-3 Rest Pause
Leg Curl 22.5x10, 40x11-3-1 Rest Pause

14-08-09 Shoulders and Back
Db Press 16kgx20, 22x12, 30x6, 35x8
Smith High Incline Press +30kgx10, +60kgx8, +80kgx4+2assisted
Seated Side Laterals 10x12, 15x12, 17.5x10, 15x15
Bent Over Barbell Rows 50x10, 80x10, 100x10, 120x6
Lat Pulldowns 52.5x10, 97.5x10, 112.5x8+2 assisted
Seated Cable Rows 60x10, 112.5x8,127.5x8
Reverse Pec Deck 40x10, 75x8 (75= full stack :slight_smile: )

15-08-09 Arms
CGBP 20x20,20 50x8,8 70x3 90x3 80x6
EZ bar curls 20x20 35x10 45x8 50x10
Decline Skulls 25x10 35x10 40x11
Pushdowns 22.5x10,30x10, 45x10, 48.75x6 LOL at the number on the stack

Flat Bench 20x20,20 50x10,10 70x6 80x3 100x3 90x5 80x10
Iso Incline Press +30x10, +60x10, +100x8-10 (cant remember) +90x10
DB Incline Press 28kgx12-5-3 Rest Pause slow and deep
Ez curl 25x10, 35x10 45x10 55x10 (fair amount of swing)
Hammers 17.5x10 20x10 28x10 32.5x10 35x10 *this set was heavy 77lbs, a fair amount of swing, i also used straps here.
30kg x 21s for a pump, didnt really work lol
Standing Calf Raises 105x20, 150x20, 210x25
Seated Calf Raises 75x16

18-08-09 Did Legs with a trainer, free taster session :wink:
Leg Extensions- 30x15 50x15 60x12, 10 - little rest, plus full extension=monster pump
Smith Squats-+30x10, +60x10, +90x10, +120x8
Leg Press 250x10 300x10 350x9 The best i’ve done before today is 300kg for 8. What a jump!
He wanted me to do lunges but i almost fell and was sick on the floor, so we called it a day!

DB OH Press 17.5x10, 22x10, 24x10, 32.5x6, 37.5x6
Seated Side Laterals 12.5x15, 17.5x10
Standing 22x9
Lean Away 12.5x10
Barbell Rows 50x10,10 80x10 100x10 120x8
Rack Chins BWx20, +15x15 (not a fan, musta done 'em wrong)
Pullups BWx15
Pulldowns 60x10, 90x10, 112.5x8-10
Shrugs 80x10, 110x10, 140x10, 180x7

Chest, Bis + Calves
Flat Barbell Bench Press 20x20,20 50x10,10 80x3 101x4+2assisted
Iso Incline Press +30x10, +60x10, +90x6, +120x4+2 assisted
E-Z bar curls 20x12, 35x10, 45x10, 55x10
Hammers 14x10, 22.5x10, 28x10, 35x10, 28x10
Standing Calf Raises 60x10, 120x10, 180x10, 270x10, 310x7
Seeated Calf Raises 52.5x15, 60x22
Some Abs, best set was torso twisty thing 70x12

24/08/2009 legs + biceps
leg extensions 25x12 40x12 50x12 65x12
leg press 200x10 250x10 300x10 350x10
squats 50x10 80x6 110x5 140x5
leg curls 37.5x10 45x12 52.5x10 (some spotting through reps 6 to 10)
hs preacher curls 17.5x10,10 30x10 45x10 (past failure-assistance required)
ez bar curls 30x10 40x10 50x10
hammer curls 17.5x10 22x10 24x10 35x8

Chest + calves
Flat Bench 20x20,20 50x10,8 80x3 100x3+1
Incline DB Press 28x10 35x8 37.5x2(stopped when shoulder pain came) 28x15
Incline Flyes 15x12 20x10 28x9
Standing Calf Raises 90x20 150x15 210x15 270x13
Seated Calf Raises 52.5x20 60x20 67.5x20 75x15

26/08/2009 Delts+Tris
DB OH Press no lockout, much preferred
24x12 28x12 32.5x12 35x6
Side Laterals 12x10 14x10 17.5x10 22x8 (cheat)
Face Pulls 22.5x10 30x10 37.5x10
Ronnie rear flyes 14x12, 22x10, 25x10
Tris OH Cable Extension 22.5x10 26.25x15 30x10
Pushdowns 30x10,10 41.25x10
DB OH ext 10x10 14x10

27/08/09 Back
Deadlifts 60x10 100x8 140x3 180x6 (PB) 200x3(PB)
Barbell Rows 60x10 100x10 105x10
Lat Pulldowns (narrow grip) 35x12 82.5x10 105x8 112.5x6
DB Shrugs 28x12 37.5x10 60x10

HS Preacher Curl 15x12 25x12 30x10 35x8 45x10
ez curls 35x10 40x10 45x10 50x10
DB Curls 16x10 24x10
Hammers 28x10 32.5x8
High Cable Curl 10x10 15x10 20x10 25x8
Hammers 24x10

warmup sets i will no longer write down!
01/09/2009 Chest, bis, tris
Flat BB Bench Press 90x9
Iso Incline Press +100x4+2–>1+2 (RP) This wass done slow and full like dorian
EZ Curls 40x10 50x8 30x16
HS Preacher 30x10 35x7
Decline Skulls 35x10 (wtf-weak)
OH Cable Ext 33.75x8

02/09/2009 Legs
Squat 150x2
Leg Press 200x10 300x25!!! that’s 660lbs added on for 25 reps! not all in one go of course 200x20
Leg ext 70x10–>5–>2 RP
Leg Curl 45x10 52.5x10
GHR 1 rep + 4 negatives
Standing calf raise 270x12
Seated 52.5 dc style

04/09/2009 Shoulders + Back
DB Shoulder press seated 32.5x6 35x5+3 no lockout of course now
Side Laterals 17.5x10 20x8+4
seated laterals 15x20
DY Rows 100x10 120x10!!!
Pulldowns 112.5x6+4 105x5+3
T BAR 70x8–>55x10 strict, but bear in mind shit apparatus, with a bar in the floor in the corner i reckon i can use at least 5 plates
face pulls 30x12 37.5x12 45x10
Reverse Pec Deck 60x10
Smith Shrugs +130x10

06/09/09 Chest, Bis+Tris
Flat Bench 95x7
Iso Incline Press +100x6+2–>1+2
HS Preacher curl 40x10+5
EZ curl 45x10 50x10
High Cable Curl 25x8
Decline skulls 40x11 45x4
OH ext cable 33.75x11 37.5x7

07-09-09 Legs
squat 110x4 140x1 150x1 160x1 170xdropped in rack, lost tightness
deadlift 140x2 170x1 200x1
leg press 200x20 250x10 300x10 350x25
ghr 1+7 negatives
ham curls 37.5x10 52.5x8+4
Standing Calf Raises 90x15 150x12 180x12 270x12

08-09-09 Back
Barbell Rows 50x10,10 80x10 100x10 120x10 140x8 100x20
Lat Pulldowns 52.5x10 90x10 120x10
DB Rows 50x15 60x8
HS Pulldown reverse grip 60x10 90x10 120x5+3

Good log so far. Our stats are quite similar, wanna race to a 200 kg squat?

[quote]Nikiforos wrote:
Good log so far. Our stats are quite similar, wanna race to a 200 kg squat?[/quote]

thanks, do you have a log? post the link here if u do, id like to follow it. See you at 200kg :slight_smile:

10/09/09 Legs
got some cheap knee wraps from SKSports for a tenner, so wanted to try them on squats
squat 110x2 140x1 160x1(w/ knee wraps- only squatted 3 days ago, so just wanted to try the wraps out. I was forcing myself down to hit depth LOL)
leg press 200x20 250x12 300x10 350x10 390x12
leg ext 50x12 70x10+2->3+2->1+2
GHRS 8 negatives Lying Leg Curls 52.5x7+3
Seated Calf Raises 60x20, 67.5x20 75x20 52.5xDC style 8 reps

11/09/09 Delts, Back, Tris
Front Raises 20x10, 28x6(too much swing)
Side Raises 20x8+5 16x10+5
Face Pulls 37.5x10 45x12 (this with someone holding me)
Barbell Rows 110x10 140x10 110x20
DB Rows 50x20
Pulldowns 120x5+3
Smith Shrugs +130x10 +160x8
?Dead Stop EZ extensions? 20x10 30x10 40x7+3
Cable OH extension 30x10 37.5x8

13-09-09 Chest + Biceps
Flat Bench 100x3+2 80x8
Incline Bench 85x5+1 (nose/chin level, not touching chest today)
DB Pullovers 35x10 40x8
Some Pec Deck
Onto Biceps-my shoulder started hurting as i got up to 28s on hammers, so i decided i’ll try a light biceps session. Couldn’t have gone heavy today.
HS preacher curl 20x10 30x10,10,10,10,10 25x10,10 20x10,10,10 These were done with 45 second rest in between.