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I Want to Get Stronger


Hello everyone, as the title implies, I’m in need of guidance considering what to do next, so I decided to ask the strength specialists. I spend the last 6 months or so dieting down while keeping as much strength and muscle possible. This winter I was at 215 pounds and now I am 185, lean, good definition (veins on lower abs), and my lifts increased a little bit:
Bench: 260
Squat: 350
Deadlift: 460
Also I am 6"1 with long arms and legs.

So now I want to focus on strength, and was wondering what good schemes would be suitables with a frequency of the big lifts (or variations) 2-3 times a week. I’m not saying this just because I want more frequency but as I have experimented the last year with it to see what would the best with me. When I was gaining mass I did 2 rounds of the Power Look and one 915 program by Thibaudeau with excellent results for the lower body (around 80 pounds for squat and DL) but almost nothing for the upper body (maybe 10 pounds in 6 months). When dieting down I also tried program with more frequency: Dave Tate’s 6 week bench cure, and The Best damn workout for naturals. These were the ones in which I progressed the much, compared to a single lift a week, especially on upper Body (Floor press + 20 pounds in mere weeks etc)

So yeah if you could propose me some programs or methods that could benefit to me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


You can’t go wrong with 531 for strength


look up the 10 sets of 3 scheme on here, good article. I currently do a max or sub max, and then a back off weight. The back off weight is where I’m pushing my progressive overloading. Given I’m using two types of overloading here, it takes a little to adjust to. Overloading by doing the sub max/ max, then the progressive. my back off sets are 7 sets of 3, the next week is 7 sets of 4, then 5. Then on the fourth week I go back to 7x3 and I increase the weight by ten pounds. Its working pretty well for me, small but quick increases. In about 6 weeks I increased my max by 20 pounds, 295 to 315. I could probably push 320-325 but I haven’t gone for it with a spotter yet. This week for chest I’m up to 7 sets of 3 at 275. For squats I do the back off with box squats. Back is a little difficult but I keep the same concept with rows.


As seem to like Thib stuff go with Layers -prob the best of the bunch.
If want frequency this great also…