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I Want To Get.....Smaller

Hey all,

I am a big fan of this website because it is very informative and for the most part, everyone is helpful in answering questions.

I have a questiont that I hope all of you can help me out with. I am a soccer player and have been playing for around 20 years. From this (and weight training) I’ve gotten really big legs. Im not sure if it is my quads that are the problem but I find (without sounded awkward or perverted) that the upper part of my leg, near the groin area towards the inside of my leg, is pretty big and it makes wearing jeans and pants a hassle.

Can someone tell me how I can get my legs smaller with losing the power/speed I am capable of generating.

Also, if anyone is experienced in helping write a nutrition plan, I would very much like your help. Please Private Message me directly with you email or AIM name and we can go from there.


That’s what vaseline is for. Your large adductors are what are contributing to your power/speed. It’s not a bad thing.

Put some vaseline on your adductors, or wear some short spandex. I’ve found they both can reduce the friction caused from large adductors.

I have the same problem. My solution? I wear boxers. Works just as good as the spandex shorts.

Hope that helps.


I have a similar problem and feel your pain - it is important to know that you are not alone.

My waist is less and my hips are much more, therefore whenever I sit my paints rip through my nuts like razor-wire. Ouchie.

To date I am unaware of any viable solution. I hope someone on this website can help.


If you haven’t looked into it before, perhaps varying your workout a bit could help in the long run.

For example, if you are using the leg press, then how you position your feet can impact how much the adductors are worked.

Basically, a wider foot placement will recruit the adductors more for squat/press type movements.

Thanks for the comments and I think some of you hit it the problem right on the money, especially you bmf_inc. Sitting down is a killer on my nuts and because I have a smaller waist than hips, it makes it annoying to wear pants.

I guess my main question is, how can I get my hips to be a smaller size so that it is in correct proportion w/ my hips. Im a 31 or 32 waist.

Another quick question I had is that I have a (what I feel as a) big butt from all the running and kicking in soccer. It is naturally very muscular but there may be a small percentage of fat…Im not sure what is considered ‘normal’ I am conscious of it so can you provide some help…How can I get my butt to be smaller and still keep the same power/speed?

Your large glutes contribute to your speed/power. If you try and make them smaller most likely your speed/power will suffer as well.

My proportions are a 33 inch waist, and 40 inch hips. Most athletes have larger hips than bodybuilders I believe.

While large glutes aren’t as attractive on a bodybuilding stage, on the athletic field they are very important.

An example… look at any Olympic sprinter. They have huge glutes. Function follows form, or it the other way around. I always forget.

Another thing to add. Strong glutes will aid in injury prevention. They take a lot of unnecessary stress off your hamstrings and lower back.

Soccer God,

What’s more important to you? Being fast and very powerful in your sport? or fitting in to avg. guys jeans? I grew up playing soccer, ski racing, and then finally wrestling, I have the same problem you do in terms of very large legs. The only solution I’ve found is buying baggy jeans. Levis’ silver tabs work pretty well, Quiksilver jeans also are nice jeans and fit pretty well.

My current problem which you also might have, is b/c of the size of my legs they rub together in the crotch. Anyone have any ideas how to either soften up the crotch of my pants or something?


I’m glad i’m not alone in the suffering from the responses on this thread. I’ve often been tempted to stop doing squats and deadlifts and to use curls and extensions to build up my legs without the recruitment of the glutes, but i enjoy doing those excercises. I just do curls and extensions for legs when i want to have an easy day. laters pk

Anyone entreprenuerial here? There is definitely a market for stylish clothes that are cut for the more athletic type, like ourselves. I’d like to work with someone and create this line -I have no experience in the fashion industry but I have a keen business sense. I think a line of clothes that are tailored to bodytypes like our own will be successful. We all work our asses off to have great bodies and be in shape and yet many times, our clothes dont accentuate that. Anyone agree with this? -it could be the start of a successful business venture, similar to how Under Armour took on Nike and other big-time designers.

Couture (sp?) means nothing if we can’t fit into the clothes. Your thoughts?

Try Levi’s 569 jeans. They are still a bit tight when sitting, but they’re the best I’ve found so far.

I have the same problem. When I started lifting, my goal was weight-loss. After I transitioned to more atrophy and strength, my leg gurge exploded, and now my pants are tighter than ever, even though I am still at my 33/34inch waist (down from 36).

Ironically, I was going to post about this today, but you beat me to it. I guess the only thing that I can do is lose more BF and hope it’ll free-up leg-room (DAMNED QUADS).

BTW, I can’t even wear boxers, as someone suggested above, they compress my legs too much.

This thread is like a support group for me, thanks. So far the best strategy has been to give away all tight boxers and pants to charity. Next only buy pants that have an 18-20 inch crotch inseam. Sadly, pants like this are usually only skater boy pants or army fatigues. This is a matter of function NOT fashion.


If you buy jeans at a thrift store in a loose fit style they will usually be soft enough to be comfortable.

I am glad to hear that Im not the only one with this problem. One thing Ive found though is that if I wear wide leg jeans, my legs then look like stumps. Im 5’10 but my legs and hips are much bigger than the rest of my body, so it looks awkward.

Anyone thing that line of clothing would do well? Read my post before this one… Im curious about your thoughts.

I’m with you, we should found our own clothing line, designed for athletic guys who also want good fashion. Come out with an entire line of pants, Jeans, Khaki’s, Slacks…

I actually thought of this idea awhile ago, but haven’t had the opportunity or connections to start one…

So who’s with us…

Let’s do it - Private message me to talk about it.

My problem is my penis is just so damn big. I suffer greatly becuz of this. Can’t find the right pant sizes in any store; can’t fit it in many girls; lower back problems with all the extra weight in the front. I’m going to start my own support group…OK big leg guys - give it a rest…the rest of us long lean types would love to have this problem. I’m soooo sympathetic to you’re suffering existence. Did I tell you that my biceps are way too big? :wink:

Train anti-hypertrophy (sp)
Speed / strength is Neuro-Muscular
Hypertropy is not…


Perhaps avoid the Eccentric, emphasize the Plyometric ect.

You get the idea, right?

I too have a similar body type as you guys, higher waist:hip ratio. I have to buy cargo pants or baggy/wide legs. Often times I end up spending 40-50 bucks for the designer brands, because they make their jeans “trendy” and therefore huge in the leg, but taper in at the waist. That’s what it takes for me to feel comfortable and look normal.

I have just recently found Plugg jeans fit well too. But, I have to go with baggy cargos and Old Navy cargos most of the time. Another problem is that while I have a normal Q angle in my knee joint, I “appear” knock-kneed because my quads are huge and I have a bit wider hips. Only when I cut down to sub-10% bodyfat do my hips really slim and my lower body get’s that NFL running back shape to them.

As far as glutes go, I used to have a pretty big butt when I played D-line in college. But, I stopped squatting and it shrunk. I only hit straight leg deads, leg curls, some light glute-ham raises, and cleans to beef my hammies. But, that’s not good enough for a power athlete like a soccer player, footballer, or thrower. You guys have to squat - you just have to accept the way your glutes are until you are out of sports… then, de-train them like I do.

BTW, I’m 6 feet, 240-245, 12-13% BF.