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I Want to Get Ricky Bruch Strong


I realize this is a lot :stuck_out_tongue: But once I get these answered ya won't see me for a few months :slightly_smiling:

Alright, gonna try and do this right right from now on! I'll do a quick summary and sum up my goals.

Just finished the V-Diet, lost 20lbs or so of fat (and did amazing things to 19 years of bad eating). I have 1 week until I'm done with the transition diet and than I'm looking to start a real workout program.

I had Mass Made Simple in mind, I followed Dan Johns advice in high school (as best as I could) and made some gains throwing but now I have an idea of a healthy diet and the importance of following a plan to the T. (also had 6 weeks to superhero in mind but a) gym might not be fit for that, and b) I figured Indigo-3G might be enough of an edge)

My goal is to look big and strong, and be strong of course :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll be taking Indigo-3G as well (45 day supply for now) so my main questions revolve around nutrition basically. In short, I'm worried about getting fat again...not looking to get shredded or anything, I'm clearly looking to appear huge over "ripped". What good is ripped when my shirt is on anyway?

1.With that said...during the V-Diet I'm around 1600 calories as the plan calls. Not exactly sure where I want those numbers to be after the V-diet while trying to put mass on. I honestly have no idea if it would be 2000, 3000, 3500....etc. I'd say fuck it, be a man, kill an animal and eat the whole thing. But I'd really hate to be overly fat again.

2.After Chris said fat loss should be looked as a side benefit and following instructions, I'll probably keep carbs purely to peri-workout with the protocol 1.

3.I have 40min to an hour in the morning to burn before I clock in, thoughts on fasted cardio? I'm referring to the article about a non-panting walk for an hour. But the other details are I wake up, ready in 10min or so, and drive to work for 45min and I would have to consume a shake for breakfast since I'd literally be clocking in to work right after that hour.

*Side note, I don't think I can afford the suggested MAG-10 and all on top of the Indigo and peri workout, not sure if that's a crucial part.

Reminder, I'll be taking Indigo-3G, fishoil (of course :P), creatine, HOT-ROX, and low carb Metabolic Drive + peri workout nutrition of course. (Vit D, magnesium, potassium too..advice from DJ I read)

not sure if I should be taking HOT-ROX after the v-diet still, ideas?
also, L-Leuicne, do I need to take this still? My impression was its just there to preserve muscle on a low calorie type diet like the V-Diet)

Lastly, depending on feedback...I would like to meal substitute with shakes of course. If the fasted cardio seems like a good idea I was thinking shake in the morning after that, lunch at noon (solid food), and than dinner around 6ish (solid food), and depending on calories, maybe a bedtime shake around 10. Otherwise, I can make a solid breakfast, and change the rest of the day.

I'm including my V-Diet log, and Indigo-3G log for reference is these help in anyway. (stats, pics)
V-Diet http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_bodybuilding_velocity_logs/vdiet_edition_the_soul_is_greater_than_the_world

Indigo http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_indigo_2/kcthrows_

Some lifting stats I want to break that I hit in HS @ 195lbs are...

DL - 405lbs
Ass to grass squat - 415lbs (I need that 500lbs after my 160lb girlfriend hit 405lbs this year.../sigh my manhood)
Clean and jerk - 255lbs (kill for 300lbs)
Bench - 250lbs

Hope I didn't come off as a total ass! Just figured I'd throw this out there as well....give me a source and I will read it! Especially on nutrition!


Read CT spills and ask him questions?!


Been reading as many spills and articles as I can but I didn't really wanna pollute any other part of the forums :X Kinda figured these were more on the basic side haha

Should I just copy / paste this over too http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_thibaudeau/thib_qa_no6 ?