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I Want to Get HUGE!


Im 19. I go to school with pretty boys. I work with pretty boys. I see pretty boys at the gym. Hell, I live with a pretty boy (my brother). Am I the only teenager that wants to get HUGE?

I am 6'2, 214 right now. And gaining. And I love it! I love eating. My typical day of food includes, but is not limited to: Oatmeal, cereal, turkey sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mass shakes, chipotle, chicken breasts, pizza... anything I can get my hands on that I can gain weight with.

I love doing heavy lifts. I love the way my body feels when doing heavy deadlifts. I love it when my legs feel like jello after doing squats. I love it when my forearms are bulging so hard that they hurt from doing heavy ass shrugs.

I am so tired of seeing pics of fellow teens on here asking if their body fat is low enough. Or asking how they can "cut" when they only weigh 160 pounds.

Am I alone??


pepperoni pizza is possibly the worst food product ever created. stay away. i know it's hard, but while it may not make you fat if you have high metabolism, it is very unheatlthy. like heart surgery bad. eat healthy, if you use premium fuel you better your chances of premium results. besides eating clean will help you concentrate more on your workout. if you eat clean you know that the only thing's that can stop you are work ethics, and unfortunatley genetics. but you know it's not the food holding you back. if it's genetics, your kinda assed out, unless... but your only 19. wait for that.


"I love doing heavy lifts. I love the way my body feels when doing heavy deadlifts. I love it when my legs feel like jello after doing squats. I love it when my forearms are bulging so hard that they hurt from doing heavy ass shrugs."

why are shrugs hurting your forearms? be carefull not to get too carried away. it's easy when the adrenaline pumps, slipknot is blasting in your ears, sand your amped from that potent energy drink, but that is a dangerous combination. take it easy on your joint's or you WILL be sorry.

that being said, fuck yea i love that feeling when you 750 lbs on the shrug bar. or you press 900 lb on the leg press.or 450 on the low row what a fucking rush. makes me want to go right now. but today is a rest day. damn rest damn damn damn. but you gotta do it. life is long for those with injuries.fate has a sense of humor like that.


Definitely not. I'm 19, 5'9 200lbs, and gaining. I would say 95% of the people at my school gym are exactly what you describe, but probably smaller than you credit them with. Fucking herbs. To each his own I guess. I train for some perplexing purpose that I just don't know yet. Until that day comes, which it won't, I lift to get big and throw metal.


youre not alone, but id suggest heavy deadlifts before those heavy shruggs. if you have anything left shrugg just to finish


I know exactly what you mean dude. I'm 18, 195, and 5'11" but I have a great genetic frame. All the dudes at my school (I returned for a semester) are so incredibly skinny. It's hilarious. I just love being able to be in control of so much enertia. Like seriously, when you're making 400+ your bitch. And making it do what YOU want....hell yea!


Call my crazy but perhaps because he's holding onto the bar with his hands??? p.s.
Pepperoni once a week won't kill you..having a low density of brain cells will however increase your chances of fathering dumbass children. Just keep that in mind.


That would be inertia..and just because you want to be be big doesn't mean you have to be stupid too..just some helpful advice from your friendly neighborhood scientist.




I might be wrong but I was under the impression that glazed doughnuts and coffee held this title


I know what you mean. I had to quit going to my school gym because no one in there had any passion for the weights. Now I workout at the local navy base. There are some weekend warriors in there but for the most part everyone is more focused on training. Try finding more of a hardcore gym to train at.


I woulda thought deep frying potatoes in canola oil [which I understand turns to transfat when you boil it - correct me if I'm wrong] would be way worse then some pizza.

Not to mention the Big Mac those chips come with.


Like krispy kreme doughnuts, after one i can get a stomach ache, they must be made or 99.9% sugar.


this shit is funny now. if you switch gyms for any other reason than the fact that they dont have the equipment that you are looking for, perhaps you shouldnt be looking for a more "hardcore" gym. perhaps what you should be doing is somehow figuring out how to not be such a bitch and be a little "more hardcore" yourself. i workout at probably the most white collar gym ive ever been in. it is tucked back in a business park.

honestly, it has the perfect amount of space and feel to have been made into a nice warehouse type gym, but kevin leverone- original owner- wasnt into that sort of thing, and then the next owner only slightly changed kevin's approach to include a full sized boxing ring in the center and various bags. there is no part of this gym that is dark and dungeon like. i havent noticed it hindering my progress at all.

however, i suspect that if i was going in every M/W/F worrying so much about what others were doing and how much "passion" they had for the weights, id probably have had the same problem you did. let me guess, youve got "bad genetics" too right?


I am exactly the same. I am always into a bulking up stage 12 months a year. I see no point in get your body fat lower if you are already at 8%. Eat plenty of carbs and make sure to avoid caffiene such as coffee. Also don't overdo cardio either.


I feel the same. i just got off a huge bulking phase and am now shripping some of the fat off. I was up to 195 at 5'8", 18% bodyfat and it was awesome. I was at the strongest point in my life. Now that I've been dieting I go to the gym and I'm a little weaker. The fat has been melting off thanks to HOT-ROX but I can't put up the same amount of weight that I was a month ago.


You're just being a prick and overly critical. Saying that it would be nice to train in a better atmosphere in no way translates to a lack of progress. Training with people of similar goals and more training experience will force you to improve. I don't see that is bitching, and if you have a problem with that you shouldn't post on the subject.


So there is hope for the up and comming generation. That is good to know. With some of these ridiculous kids logging on to show off their rib cages and underwear bands, It's comforting to know that there are some who have enthusiasm toward lifting heavy, eating well, and making progress.
Just don't shop when hungry. Every time I do that I come back with nothing but steak and cookies.


No!!!! You are not alone!!

I love that feeling too!!


maybe you should re-read what i responded to and then what i wrote. i responded to someone saying that they had to switch gyms because there werent enough people around that had a passion for the weights. he then suggested to the original poster that he try and find a "hardcore gym". my point was that if he was as "hardcore" as he thinks his new gym is, the people around them, in their spandex galore should not have been able to tap into his "passion for the weights".

i think you need to realize who's on "your side" here. you talk about being sick of the kids getting on to show off their rib cages, about how months ago these forums were full of pictures of big swole lifters. ill tell you what, im all for that. but heres just a few things im tired of on here:

people being on T-Nation for 6 days talking smack to people that have been on here over a year, 17 year olds posting about steroids, people complaining about what other people do at the gym they train at, manorexic wannabe's and their pictures, diets that consist of little more than a red bull and a skittle, and excuses, like "bad genetics".

my point was not that lifting in a "hardcore" gym wouldnt be great. my point was that if you arent focussed enough to get into a gym and train hard regardless of others levels of "passion for the weights" are around you, then its pretty ridiculous to suggest finding a "hardcore gym" where the people are more focussed on their training. anyway, shut the fuck up