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I Want to Get Bigger


Don't know if I am posting this on the right part of the forum, but basically I am a newbie aiming to get bigger. I don't play any sports so my strength or functional gains are secondary to my main goal of getting bigger muscles.
I am 20, 6ft 1, 80kg roughly. My lifts are approximately ohp.50kg, bench 80kg, squat130kg, Deadlift 150kg.
Ideally I want to gain as much leanmuscle as possible but I am not worried about gaining fat in the process.
I feel I am now confident in the techniques of the main lifts but previous training programmes have been held back by my diet. So I am now bumping up to 3000-3500 calorie with 200g protein. Basically before making a log I wanted to make sure that I had the right sort if ideas with my schedule.

Each workout is started with neuro warmup and warm-up sets.
All weights are done on the maximum weight I can use while keeping form and completing the set. I try to increase weight when I feel I can.

Ohp 4x8
Seated ohp, incline 4x8
Weighted dips 4x8
Other tricep work

Back squat 4x8
Quad and hamstring curls 4x8
Calf raises 3 x 15 (I am not sure here as I heard higher reps work better for calf)


Deadlift 5x3 (should I be using the same rep ranges as other compound lifts?)
Weighted chins 4x8
Bent over row/ one arm row 4x8
Shrugs 4x8


Bench press 4x8
Decline bench/db bench press 4x8
Wire chest fly 4x8


I haven't used any ab work before but will start working in some training sessions similar to what is suggested in the live spill.

I realise it is difficult for others to speculate on what will work for me but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't wasting time with unnecessary work etc.


Im no expert but rear delt work cant hurt......


I also forgot to say that I do preacher curls on the Deadlift day.


Is 4 days all you can make it to the gym? If it is, it isn't too terrible but 5 or 6 days a week is better. Try a bodybuilding split and read some of the john meadows articles on this site, or some of the "blank" how do you train threads from members of this site who have the physique to show for it to get an idea how to train and eat.


What should I be doing for rear delts? Would the back work not hit them enough? cheers


I have a hard time believing you'll see any serious growth hitting legs, chest, shoulders, back only once a week each. It does not take 7 days for your chest to recover from bench press.


Is this supposed to be a joke? Anyone who can post weights like that is certainly not a newbie. It takes years of dedicated work to get to that point, in which case you already know what to do. And if you really are a newbie, and lifting all that in good form, then you're so gifted it really doesn't matter what routine you follow, you'll grow anyway.


I have no problem going to the gym more then I have suggested, I could properly go every day if that is beneficial. I read the articles you suggested, think that I will stick to these lifts and if I have lagging body parts further down the line I will try his alternate movements. Thanks for your feedback jsrckbac, what would you suggest if I had 6 workouts per week instead? Upper body - lower body 2 day split with 1 day rest? I do feel like I could bench.more often then I do, but I don't want other body parts to suffer because of this.


Well I have trained on and off for 3 years but I would say only 1 of them is with compound lifts, in the gym I go to there are a fair amount of people benching well over 100kg and Deadlift over 200kg and these aren't the biggest guys. Are you sure they are that good according to a strength to body weight chart my lifts are only beginner to intermediate.


I think cavalier may have a crush on you. your lifts are definately only beginner (nothing to be embarassed about though), you will see them shoot up when you start lifting regularly