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I Want to Get Bigger

My goals are to Increase my shoulder, arm, and lat size (Biceps / Tris for arms)

Also I would like to get a more ripped ab look. Basically atm when I flex I can see my abs, but they really arnt very good small in size / excess fat over them.

Stats: Im 6’2
Weight: 165-170
BF%: Im estimating 10-14%

Here is my sloppy shit routine I started last sunday

My supplements
When I wake up
2 fish oil capsules
2 Multivitamins
2 Amino Acid Capsules

Post Workout
2 Amino acid capsules
2 Fish oil Capsules
3 Scoops 100% whey

Day 1

3x1 deadlifts 205lbs
2x1 deadlifts 225lbs
2x1 deadlifts 235 lbs

I couldn’t lift 250lbs off the ground yea sad I know

dips feet on the ground hands on the bench

20 pushups
Heavy bag 5 combo’s each arm of jab straight left hook left hook
50 situps
15 leg raises
Heavy bag 5 combos each arm of jab straight lef hook left hook
15 Russian twist’s with 35 lb weight

Day 2
3x1 230 lbs
3x1 240 lbs
3x1 250 lbs
1x1 260 lbs

Dips off bench board

Mini circuit if you can call it that
Heavy bag
5 combos each arm of this
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…re=related (20 SECONDS into that video)
15 Russian twists with 35 lb weight (right to left is 1)
Repeat combos each arm
15 leg raises
15 Russian twists

Day 3

Rest day

Light basketball

Day 4

2x3 135 lbs
2x5 135 lbs
1x4 135 lbs



10 Pusnups
3:40 seconds on the heavy bag
2x15 Russian Twists with 35 lb weight
30 leg raises

Day 5
Rest day

Day 6 Rest (Went out with friends)

Day 7 - today will be lifting later.

I know it probably sucks what should I change / do to acheieve these goals?

I don’t say this every often, but you need more volume. On one of those days you get 10 reps in the deadlift with a top set of 260. That blows. It’s not enough volume or intensity to do anything.

I would say pick any solid beginners program, like Starting Strength and get to work. If you’ve got some experienced bodybuilders, powerlifters or strongmen around, try to train with them. (But keep your mouth shut and do what you’re told.)

It’s a lot harder to try to ‘fix’ your program online without knowing you, than it would be if you were training with experienced lifters.

Its a pretty weak program, but at least you started something. Read the stickies and then I suggest starting strength because it seems like you’re just starting out:

Alright thanks for the comments

Just to clarify I am new im a bitch troll I guess lol.

This is really my first times lifitng, and first week at the deadlift.
the 260lb lift was very close to my 1 rep max. I know it doesn’t seem like a big lift, but it is to me. I feel it the next day after these. I’ll kick up the intensity and read up for next week.

Also I train at home so I am not able to squat

DAY 6 (Saturday April 19th)

1x1 250lbs
4x1 270lbs


I used a curling bar for this
2x10 60lbs (killed my joints not so much muscle fatigue)

Bench seat Dips

3:30 on heavy bag
2x30 Russian Twists with 35 lb weight
1x 15 leg raises

Why do you just want arm/shoulder size? Are you developed enough to have your arms and shoulders small comparatively?

They are my smallest asset due to my size / weight ratio. They just look skinny which I don’t like. Im still training my legs ect… with the deads I also do hill sprints ect.

But once i find my USB plug I’ll upload some pictures.

I want all around size but my arms and shoulders need to play catchup

You need a lot more weight. I’m 6’2" and 213 lbs with about 13% body fat and I think I look skinny.

I’m trying to do the same exact thing you are but maybe our body fat calcs are off. From your picture you look really skinny. Eat lots of whole eggs. I wish I knew this when I started. I’ve had incredible results since I starting cooking the whites and eating the yolks raw, about 12-18 a day.

What kind of equipment do you have access to? It sounds to me like you have a bench, a barbell, an ez curl bar, and some plates i.e. you are working out from a home gym.

If you want bigger lats, my advice is to purchase a home pull up bar. I do a lot of pull ups and my back in my opinion is the most developed part of my musculature. My back needs work, but everywhere else needs more work. Make sure you balance your vertical pulls though with bent over rows with your barbell.

I also started doing a lot of OH press work, as I have a decent bench for my size, considering I haven’t done bench presses for a long time and my shoulder strength wasn’t as high. I also built some parallete bars I saw on www.beastskills.com. I was doing a lot of handstand pushups from the ground, but the added range of motion makes them about x10 harder and it is a good piece of equipment to have in a home gym. Another thing I have been doing with them is L-sits, which are harder from the paralettes them from hanging.

To lose the fat, try doing some circuit training with barbell and bag. Check out www.crossfit.com for ideas. You have circuits in your workout already, but do them x5 for your workout. You should feel like your busting your ass and they should last long enough for you to have sweat soaked around the ring of your t-shirt. You do circuits already which is cool, just make them longer. Its funner if you make up your own circuit, like hit the bag, do some cleans, then some pushups, then some thrusters, and repeat x 5. Try making your own benchmark circuits, time them, and record your times as a progress monitor.

I just got back in the gym not too long ago (< 1 month) and just from the OH presses, pull-ups, squats, and whatever else I’ve been doing my arms have gotten bigger. I don’t work them directly at all, although I have been doing chinups as I can only do pull ups at home due to the orientation of my hangboard.

Because you don’t have a squat rack, I suggest practicing hang cleans and front squats. You don’t have to go heavy, and the movements work well in an above mentioned circuit.

Oh, and do more push ups. Its another thing the paralletes are good for.

… take this for whats its worth. I noticed you weren’t getting the most helpful feedback, so I felt like adding a little more information as to what I would do if I were in your situation.

I asked that question, because at your size, you probably want to pack mass on your entire body, and do not need a specialized routine for your arms and shoulders.

I wasn’t sure you knew that yet, though.

TheUofH recommended Rippetoe’s Starting Strength. I second that. Here it is.

Workout A
3x5 Squat
3x5 Bench Press
1x5 Deadlift
**2x8 Dips (if you cant do these or no assist machine then do Decline Dumbbell Bench Press with your hands Facing each other)

Workout B
3x5 Squat
3x5 Standing military press
3x5 Pendlay or Bent Rows (or power cleans)
**2x8 Chin-ups (recommended mainly if doing the cleans)

Lift M/W/Friday and alternate A and B workouts (A monday, B wednesday, etc).

You need to eat at least as heavy as you lift. Don’t shoot for the ‘ripped ab look’ just yet. You need some muscle. You can’t flex bone.

What does your diet look like?

Thanks for the replies there

I have

Heavy bag / gloves

Curl bars (single)
2 hand curl bar i guess

Olympic weight set bench ect… like 4xx lbs of weight

The deadlifts Im doing right now is it like a waste of time?


My diet is alright

2 egg whites with oatmeal and or cereal

Bagful mixed nuts / almonds

Can of tuna

Pre workout
Chicken breast like 2-3 slices

Post workout
3 scoops 100% whey

Chicken breast

Penut butter sandwich

you should deadlift AND frontsquat, since you don’t have a rack.

Holy good crap. Your diet is not fine. The plus side is you’re eating 7 times a day, and each time contains protein, except breakfast (2 egg whites = maybe 7g protein). You need more food. Are you gaining weight on that diet? Serious question.

Also the deadlifts are great. Deadlifts are almost never a waste of time. I hope you’re warming up before those sets you just wrote down. You’d better be. But you need to stay away from max singles and get more volume anyway–sets of 5-7. Do you have any prior weight training experience before this past week that you started this program?

Otep posted a great starting routine for you. And he’s dead right–you have to have muscle before you can get ripped with wide shoulders.

Also, I would suggest getting some dumbbells, or adjustable dumbbells. In the meantime, after you finish what’s written on the program you can use some of the lighter plates for lateral raises and rear delt raises for your shoulders. But that’s only after you get the rest of the stuff done.

alright so lift lighter? and do like 3x5?

Pretty much. I mean, you should still be busting ass, just not going for maxes all the time. That can be counterproductive. The sets and reps should still be hard for you to complete. And you’ll need to do at least a couple warm-up sets before you get to the first “work set” (the one that counts towards your 3 total sets). Do the program Otep listed for you and alternate the Workout A and B

week 1
Mon A
Wed B
Frid A

week 2
Mon B
Wed A
Frid B

etc. After the 4 listed exercises have been completed, do abs. After that, you can use some of your lighter plates as substitutes for dumbbells and do isolation stuff if you want (shoulder raises, biceps, triceps, etc). But you should give complete focus to doing the written exercises hard first. The isolation stuff should be an afterthought.

Isolation stuff can be good, but only when it is done in moderation–AFTER moving heavy weights around for a while.

And you still didn’t answer the question I asked–are you gaining weight every week on your current food intake or not?

I stalled out at 168-172 I fluxuate in thre.

Also What should I substitute for squats hangcleans?

Don’t substitute hang cleans for squats- do squats.

There are a variety of cheap ways to enable you to get a racked barbell at shoulder height.

  1. buy/make sawhorses
  2. pick it up from being on your bench.
  3. stack shit on either side until you’ve got 4’ piles of shit and then lift it from there.

It’s not ideal, but it’s worth it. Full back squats really are that awesome of an exercise. You won’t regret it.

As far as diet, I’d guess you’re getting about 200g protein and around 1700 kcal. The protein level is good. But you need to be eating in the 3000-3500 range. Cheapest way to do this is to down half a pound of peanuts every day. That adds about 1300 kcal to your diet at $1/day.

ripptoes or stronglifts 5x5 are wonderful programs.
they are also wonderfully simple.

for squats I just lift my supports from the bench all the way up and enter from the back of the bench

i also do this outside in the dirt so if i have to i can throw the weight down and not worry bout hurting myself or the weights

do your squats all of them as it was quoted to me many times by many people

The substitute for hang cleans is bent over barbell rows.

Yep, I thought so. So basically you want to gain weight you need to eat more. If you stop gaining weight you need to eat more. Repeat. Also, it will be quite a shock to the system to try and go from 1700 cals/ day to 3000. So ramp it up gradually over the next 4-6 weeks. Add 400 cals a day for one week. Go until you stop gaining weight, then add 300 more cals. Repeat until you get to 3000 cals or whatever it takes to grow.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to do front squats? Don’t need a rack for them plus he’ll be cleaning each set.