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I Want to Educate Americans on Fascism


hi i am going to explain to you why fascism is the best. Its simple. the biggest governments humans have made are all fascist. and it is badass like starwars too. i mean..lets act like were a great planet for once.


I will bite , tell us more


Sounds badass


Whatever you happen to think about genocide and a foreign policy of conquering your neighbors with tanks, you have to admit that the Nazi's had some pretty cool uniforms.

Score one for fascism.


Are you receiving messages from the death star as your writing this??



I'm going to explain something about trolling. When someone joins a bodybuilding forum, chooses the name "Franzrust" and then their first posts are about fascism being awesome and Ebola virus vaccine conspiracies you can safely assume you're being trolled.


I'm not sure if you saw it, but I responded to your "Obama defriends Putin on Facebook" post on the Escalation in Israel thread.


But you have to feed the troll for a time.
If we don't feed him, he will stop posting too soon, and we will lose our chance to find out who he is.


The last painfully obvious troll thread I was in turned out to be a very fun ride, but alas that troll was more active.


Are you talking about the original star wars?

cuz count dookoo was super gay