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I Want to Do a Cycle of Steroids

Hey guys , is it ok if i do one cycle of steroids , and after i finish the cycle , keep practicing natural and dont lose much muscles? And could one cycle of steroids can change my whole body? And what do you think of one cycle of oral steroids…
Appreciate your help

from what I hear, cycling gear is like the old lays potato chip slogan in that nobody can ever just do one.

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this thread will not end well


Ok so I’m going to be nice about this. All, and I do mean all, the guys I knew from college that cycled lost most if not all of their gains after the stopped. If you keep your self in a calorie surplus, work your ass off, and are lucky enough to recover well with your PCT you may keep some of your gains. You could also end up in a worse place then before you started if your PCT goes poorly. Its a risk you take.

Don’t waste your time. You will lose everything you gain. If you go on, stay on. Cycling is a waste of time unless your “off” time is very short.

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sure it can.

Do the cycle, have fun, looks good to me.