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I Want to Bulk


We had a lecture on our diet requirements, and from what I remember, this was around 6000.

A typical breakfast would be cereal/oats, a full english (2 sausages, bacon, scrambled/fried eggs, 2 pieces of toast, black pudding, beans and those triangle potato things), some fruit, and chocolate bar, that doesn't include drinks.

For lunch, it could be something like steak, chips, baked potato, and tons of veg. If your plate wasn't stacked, the people serving the food would sort it out. Then you'd have the obligatory fruit and chocolate.

Evening meal would be the same, but this time with a desert which was basically full of sugar. Cakes, custard, fruit.

Then at 9pm, we'd have a last meal, which basically comprised of everything we've eaten throughout the day, plus extra cereal, and fruit.

Between evening meal and 9pm, we usually had burgers and fries and stuff like that from the burger places on camp.

Also, if you could fit it in, you went for seconds at every meal. We were told, if we didn't maintain high calorie diets, our bodies would eat themselves. Missing meals was an offence, too.

I'll try and get something from a proper source if you want to check it out. I'm not trying to prove you wrong, but I'm just trying to inform you from my side.

Also mate, what's Anavar? Fancy telling me a bit more about it?


Anavar is the mildest and safest anabolic steroid ever made. Not trying to be rude but Google could tell you a lot more about it than I could.

You could also try something like Epistane if you can't find a source for the real stuff. You're old enough and have enough muscle to do a run, though.


Way ahead of yah, just been reading about it. It comes in tablets, which is great I hate needles.

I don't disagree with steroids, in fact I think they should be legalised because I can't figure out why they're not. Anyhow, I'd like to give myself a natural run through, but now that I've been reading about it, it's definitely something I'd consider towards summer.

What do modelling agencies and fitness/health places that hire trainers think of these? Would they ever look into an employee or whatever using them, say, randomly?


You mean drug testing for steroids?

Would never happen in any job outside of pro sports. Too expensive to run, and normal drug tests won't detect a thing. And orals don't stay in your system for very long anyways.


glad you didn't get all emotional like some twats on here when questioned:D. Anyways steroids are your decision. Yet if I was in your position I'd try to do a real good bulk for another year or two then do a cycle.

Just me, but I think you can add so much mass right now without any assistance. You just got to hammer your back and legs real good like I said before. Then after you priotize those, your smaller muscles should blow up also (given you hit them hard also).


There is no need to really, I came here because I know I have shortfalls and it's my intention to address them. Besides, I know that nobody has to help me if they don't want to, so any is appreciated.

I'm thinking I'm going to eat and train hard up until a cycles worth of time before summer, and when I get to that point, I'll decide on the issue of Anavar.

To make sure I'm successful with my diet, I'm going shopping this weekend and I'm only buying stuff I'm meant to eat. That way there is no unnecessary temptation. I'm not going to worry too much about carbs, although they will be cut down. But not a major issue, fat doesn't seem to stick to me which I'm okay with.

Anyway, thanks for the help guys, I'll update when I think it's worth it.

PS: Give me some vegetables you guys eat? Green ones preferably. I only usually eat cabbage, lettuce, broccoli and sprouts.


spinach, green peppers,avocados and broccoli are my anabolic vegetables of choice:D. I rotate them around.


ahh double post, anyways good luck on the bulk. Don't be afraid of a hamburger or some pizza here and there:D.