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I Want to be this Guy... If I Never Want to be Laid



You've got to be shitting me... listen to the second one, its fucking ridonkulous.


I love this thing. It sounds like a guy who read a really bad "How to seal the deal with women" book and followed the instructions to the letter. I played it for my wife and she was skeeved almost into unconsciousness. If you want to hear a great commentary on it--


Haha I really hope that guy was trolling, no way there is someone that full of themselves.


You'd be surprised. I've met some guys who hit on my girl friends who are so full of themselves I wonder if they're fucking joking. But no, they're dead serious.




wow. listened all the way through both messages.

good thing she declined or he'd probably be wearing her skin right now. what a creep.


This shit was posted on here like three times already. I've tried to get it taken off the Internet, but for some reason my lawyer says that once my voice was captured on tape by that stupid bitch who won't call me back, it's public domain. But come on guys, lay off of me huh? She was hot, I got a little carried away, so what? And despite what anyone says on this site, cocaine and psychotherapeutic drugs had nothing to do with this.


what an unusual man, who, ironically, has some serious mental issues, even though he is preoccupied with whether or not she does!!


If I were the woman who received those messages I'd be paranoid and would watch my back for weeks!


wow. just wow.


hate to crash the party...



I REALLY hope you are kidding, T-men dont act this way (I hope)


It doesnt really explain why, it just says that its a fake. It doesnt matter if its a hoax though, i got shits and giggles for hours listening to this.


Fuck you assho9le, don't hate one the man if you haven't walked in his shoes.