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I Want to be Peeled!


Ok I have been dieting for a couple months, I'm 6'0, 214 pounds...down from 230..

I really want to get the six pack..I've been doing 20-30 minutes cardio every day and eating a low calorie high protein diet. I'm even taking universal animal cuts as a supplement.

What else can I do, up my cardio some more?


Well chances are if you've been dieting for months you probably need to up your calories and reset your metabolism. Only cut for 8 weeks or so at a time. After that there are a variety of things you could do depending on what your doing now that isn't working. Give more info, i.e. training/nutrition information and you'll get more help.

Also this should be in the bodybuilding section.


If you're even taking animal cuts now and nothing's happening then I think you're shit out of luck.



Have people been seeing results with animal cuts? I think it will take 12weeks to have non flexed visible abs...


Pretty sure he was being sarcastic. For the most part here people will endorse Biotest since they own the forums and have a lot of great products. HOT-ROX is a great fat burner.

That being said, you can out-eat any pill. Personally I'd go make a thread in the beginner section and ask for help there. You're likely to get a lot more positive responses and help.


to be honest, its almost entirely to do with diet. have a look at this link http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/refined_physique_transformation&cr=


Yeah, I was being sarcastic.

Pretty much, start with a base diet at about maintenance for your bmr


Calisthenics. They are the middle ground between weight training and cardio. You keep muscle and burn fat.
Try to think about food a little bit more scientifically:

The six pack will only really show if you lower body fat.


Personally, for fat loss I've never found anything better than sprint training. Anything 40m or longer with no more than 3 minutes between(much shorter with 40's but 3 minute rest on 300's is a killer). If you need to step it past that, go with fartleks(or repeats), sprint 200m at 80%, turn around and jog back, rinse and repeat. Rest when you have to, catch your breath, then keep going.


Where in your training do you schedule the sprints?

BTW- Animal Cuts just make you piss alot.


I either st myself a sprint day, as it tends to be rather taxing, or I'll do it opposite my normal workout, like I usually lift after I wake up, so right now I do my sprint training after work. No more than 3 days a week for me though, I'm not in high school any more.