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I Want to Be Lean, Now I am Fat (30% Fat)

There are certainly examples of relatively muscular vegans, but most of them aren’t particularly strong. They’re simply strong relative to their bodyweight. And they’re not necessarily life-time vegans. It’s very difficult to accumulate new muscle on a vegan diet, but not as hard to maintain it. Most have pretty good health metrics though (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.).

I don’t think a vegan diet is a bad temporary solution for someone who is obese, as the OP is. I have yet to meet someone who was overweight, switched to a legit vegan diet, and stayed overweight. I would see nothing wrong with doing this to kick off the OP’s diet, since he’s so significantly overweight. He could get down to that 15ish % bodyfat level, and then re-introduce lean meats to begin to add muscle to his frame. There are worse approaches out there.

Whatever approach the OP takes, I believe fat loss must be the initial priority. Everything will be easier if he works from that point.

You don’t live longer being vegan, it just feels longer.

As for the OP address the diet and you will get there fella. Hard work and time it will come.