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I Want to Be a Personal Trainer


I always had passion for reading all things related to exercise, nutrition and other aspects of fitness. Although I never got around making it a career choice. During my MBA I realized that, to become a personal trainer must be my career choice. Having almost finished my MBA, I want to do it.

I live in India. I researched some websites given in the article on T-Nation "How to become a personal trainer", but all these websites are based in the USA and are not available for other countries.

My question is if it is possible to come to the USA for taking the exam or studying the courses or some other way to become a personal trainer?


go to a gym in india, talk to a trainer there and ask them how they started.

thats about 1 million times easier than flying to the US to become a PT lol


If you enjoy working out, stay away from the fitness industry. It will blow your mind with the stupidity that ensues on a daily basis.


I want a career in personal training. So, I cannot stay away from it.


Thanks for the suggestion. Do you think it is really better though?


How hard is it just to ask rather than just jumping into a plane to the US because you have no idea how to become a personal trainer in your own country. My guess is that it probably isn't much different than it is here. There's most likely just some place you can call, order some books, and then take the test to be certified in your own country. Ask the local gyms which kinds of certifications they would like you to have as there is probably going to be a million different ones.


So true, finished my PT course in june and it was ridiculous how easy it was for me having lived sports and nutritions for 15years.

However it is the fitness industry and they downright dumb down everything ie 12reps for hypertrophy and 1-5 for strength. Have any other view on it and your wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

When i talked to people on the course about cluster training, PAP etc it kind of blew their minds and even the tutors were abit miffed on these kinds of things. Getting into the fitness industry as a PT is easy, being the best isn't. Learn the basics, build on it and use real world and real training approaches which are out of the safe haven of the stupid fitness industry :stuck_out_tongue:


Define your target first.

Do you want to work with regular people or elite athletes?


Listen to Rhino. You want a career in what you THINK personal training is. I worked as a PT for a while and I'd never go back.


^ True. Unless you're top dog and can pick and choose clients, there's a lot of dues to pay. Plan on going through the motions with plenty of people who could really give a fuck after about January 21st, give or take.