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I Want This Back


Not joking either lol that is some back.

Definition is crazy.

Someday :stuck_out_tongue:


Yates - Coleman - Arnold.

What's with Yates lower back looks like a Christmas Tree lol, looks damn good.


No wait lol think this guys whatever that formation on the lower back wins


Yes. A powerful back/set of shoulders really gives you that "big" look.


Yates traps are just about the sickest thing I've ever seen -lol.



No doubt in my mind that is Joel Stubbs.

Fucking Insane.


I'd trade 2 in of arms for a bigger back.


No kidding, Yates back is absolutely ridiculous. Sick as hell.


Dunno i prefer the 1st guys back, the definition in it is insane.

Back is fast becoming my favorite bodypart, big backs seem to be the common denominator of most famous bodybuilders.


Back is the best upper body muscle.


Are you kidding? Best upper body muscles are chest, biceps, and abs.


Man back is where its at...... In the words of John Romano, 'you want a heavy duty back"


agreed....a dude with a thick back, especially upper traps, is always something to marvel at. Bil kaz's back is ridiculous too.


Not too big a fan of Kai's back in that shot. If I was ranking the backs on this page I would go:

  1. Arnold (might just be because he is holding more water than the others but I prefer the shape)
  2. Dorian
  3. Ronnie
  4. The bloke in the original post.
  5. Kai


I know a guy at my gym who trains olympic lifting style (I don't know if he competes or not), and he has massive traps, back and shoulders but just ok arms and chest and he dwarves most of the other guys who trains only chest and arms and who are probably even heavier than him. If he trains arms and chest as well he'll probably look much bigger.


Bloke one the 1st post is Joel Stubbs, really dire legs but his upper body is world class.

Going to see a bodybuilding show in my city in 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

So have been looking seeing what is the best of each bodypart.


Of course you just have to be BIG all over, big having an especially big upper back/traps, + large forearms really lets people know RIGHT AWAY that you have slabs of muscle at the ready.

Its been said for a while that body building contests are won "from the back" and many guys have proven that point over the years.


It is Joel Stubbs, they ran an article in one of the muscle mags proclaiming he had the best back in bodybuilding.


And they'd probably be right.


Yeah, now that Orville Burke is no longer competitive.