I Want Surge, But I Can't Get It

I want to buy Surge. It seems very good. But, since I am 15 (almost 16, 2 weeks), and my dad would have to pay with his credit card, it appears I cannot get it. This really sucks. He doesn’t want to give his card to an online site. So, I need an alternative. Does GNC have anything that is low cost but the same sort of thing as Surge?

Okay, wow, it seems I have talked my dad into it (yeah I know, 5 minute talk, not that long). He doesn’t think I need this stuff, but hey, he doesn’t know much about weightlifting, so I didn’t expect he would. Yay, im getting Surge! I hope it works as good as all you say it does. I only lift 3 times a week (Madcows 5x5), but I think it would be good to have Surge still.

congrats on your negotiation skills.