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I want my wife back...

My wife is eager to get back into shape after having our first child. Does anyone have any training outlines or dietary suggestions for her?


Try this http://www.testosterone.net/articles/199vixen.html

Kee Koe, losing weight and getting in shape is highly individual. As individuals we respond better to one diet than another and tend to like different types of workouts, and we even have different visions of what the “perfect” body is. If your wife is motivated, have her start reading everything about diet and nutrition (and EVERYTHING ever written by John Berardi) here on T-Mag. Dieting requires discipline and commitment. And if you don’t know why you’re doing something, if you don’t understand why something is important, there can be no serious, sustainable long-term commitment. Buy-in is critical to any program’s success.

The bottom line is you can’t provide anyone (especially your wife) with the motivation to get in shape. But you can provide her with informational resources and emotional support. It seems like you got the “emotional support” thing aced in spades.

Take care, and the best of luck to you and your wife!!!