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I Want My PSP


The only next step is to allow easy wireless internet access, a useable retractable keyboard, and a cell phone.

You might not care that I think this thing is great...but for those with just a little "geek" in them, this may be worth a look.

I didn't buy one to impress anyone, but more because it looked cool and could do more than an iPod video. That, and the fact that I think the iPod is overhyped. The video game graphics quality on this thing makes the Game Boy look like two soup cans and a string compared to my Cingular camera phone. The fact that it plays mp3's easily and stores pictures easily transferred from your computer makes this stand out against many similar products.

Is it worth the money? After not growing tired of it after nearly 3 weeks of owning one, I would have to say yes.

You are now returned to your regularly scheduled programming.


Prof X,
Im wit ya there bro. I love my psp, had mine since they came out (cuz I have a little extra "geek" in me I guess) I think the next game I get for it will be Need for Speed: Most Wanted, since I have it for XBOX 360. That way I can do the same on each game and play it everywhere!!!


When you get to level 60 you get to help defeat the armies of darkness...


I love mine, this is easily the best handheld VGS that I have ever owned!


Marvel Nemesis: Rise Of The Imperfects isn't bad at all either. In fact, it may be among one of the best.


Has anyone here watched DVDs on their PSP? I was wondering how the picture quality is and whether or not people actually watch movies with theirs.


It is DVD quality, just on a much smaller screen. There is no loss of quality at all. When viewing it, it appears much larger than it would judging by the way the screen looks from afar.


how much and can i play NBA LIVE on it...if so, there is no need to do anything else in the world


I was pretty curious about this. Have you found it difficult to adjust to watching at a smaller screen for the length of a movie? That's what boggles my mind about the video iPod... I'm not sure I could handle staring at a screen THAT damn small for an hour.

I've never been big into mobile/handheld gaming, but with a bunch of business trips on the horizon, you've got me thinking about it... although I cannot let anything stop me from my XBox 360 purchase first.


I don't understand how you guys make the time to play these video games! You could be doing so much more!

Talking w/ your grandma- I'm serious! Chasing skirts, cleaning your house, room, apartment, etc. Spending time with your little bros your sisters.

Reading, learning about investing. Working out, going to a YMCA & helping kids out with the bbal game. There's just too much to list.

I mean, if you just play a little bit then no bigie! But I know guys that spend hrs. a day with em.

I just feel it's a waste of time. But like the saying, to each his own!

HIt me back! LMAO.


I could see doing it if I was on an airplane or waiting in line for hours for something. I don't watch much tv as it is so it isn't like I have really tried to sit through an entire movie with it. I have that Tombraider movie for it but I haven't gotten passed her first outfit change. Either way, the picture quality is great. They format the movie to fit the device so there is no degradation.


I don't spend hours playing this. I would imagine only teenagers would actually have the HOURS to spend even attempting to play this. It does come in handy at the Barbershop though. Given the fact that it plays music as well, it may be joining me for cardio also.


Yea need for speed on that thing is GODLIKE... I love it... is it bad that I play it when I'm in freeway traffic???

Unfortunately it doesn't support MP3 Play the way that I would desire so I'm still going to purchase a video ipod (porn, music, porn, mma instructionals, porn, pismleur language courses, oh did you know you can play porn on them????!!!).

I also would like to get either a pocket PC or a treo 650. I would definitely use the palm functions and having it as my phone is an additional benefit. Most of the time I'll probably be using it for AIM though. It beats the HELL out of a sidekick. Get a 1 gig card for it and you have most functions of the psp & video ipod. Yet other than AIM i would use it for school & business.

I LOVE gadgets :slight_smile:


The adaptation is easy. I watched Saw, and IRobot (ehhhhhhhh lol) on it and those were great. Only complaint is that if you're outside, the screen is hard to see. But the moment I was out of natural light it was vivid as HELL.

Alternatively, I've never had a problem like that with the video ipod. Crystal clear all the time. I can set that damn near across the room and still be able to make out really small details. I advise you to go to the store and research, or find a friend who has one and borrow it for a day and see what you like.


i love mine too the best thing about it is that there is'nt any region protection on this thing so i can play all the import games with this.


some people prefer to do this in there off time(me). Theres 24 hrs in a day i go to bed at 2am and get up at 6:30am,(with naps thru out the day) most of the things you listed are done before noon. So i have plenty of time to game, without wasting time. WOOT!


Coolest gadget in a while. I love the WiFi browsing capabilities. This is great for traveling. You can watch a movie, play music, and check of T-Nation with one device that weighs less than a pound. Oh yeah it also plays video games...


Is there to format the screen to adjust to web browsing? I can't seem to get the dang thing to move around properly cuz I can only see 1/10th the actual website lol! Oh and to the ranting about wasting time: dude, I sleep, eat, goto school, work, workout,eat, repeat. Thats it, so if I have enough down time ( at work or school!!!) then you better believe that my ass is playing a video game to pass the time.


I was looking at my friends, and just from the demo disk I was impressed. The graphics on the games alone, and how smooth they are (frame rate isn't jerky, and just seems so...so...SMOOTH!), are astounding.

I'll get one for myself eventually, and the UMD disks (think that's what they're called) are pretty damn tiny, and don't take up a lot of room. I didn't know they had Wifi capabilities though? Guess you need to find hotspots to use it though correct?


once there was a fortune in my cookie which stated:

"did you know that the busiest person has the most amount of time ?"

remember bruce, don't concentrate on the finger...