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I Want My F***king Cheeseburger!


Lol this is hillarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LVTwoy40mY&feature=player_embedded


i have never seen this before... thanks for sharing... be sure to share chuck norris,epic beard man,rock rolling and other vids that i have never seen before.Thanks


I've never seen it.
Maybe it was teh roidz?


Seen it, ain't nothing new... but still fun to watch. Classic example of a drunk douche thinking he got magic MMA powers when equiping his TapOut shirt.


Cheeseburger Josh, the douche.


The fatties are defenseless against teh arm bar !


lol that's great


This is why I always bring Greg Jackson with me when I go to mickey d's... so i can grind out a 3-round decision. dadum-ching.



this looks very staged or the guy on top has beginner level jitz....like 1 week or so in.


Just make sure you don't bring Cecil Peoples with you. He will score it 29-28 for the other guy.


It's not staged. People are like this and much, much worse. Another reason not to eat in garbage joints like MickeyD's and such.


oh my god i skipped forward at one point
saw the fight
went back
and resumed my drink
that was FABULOUS


dont forget: double rainbow, bed intruder, what what in the butt, charlie bit me, david after the dentist and any of the Unforgettable videos



^^^^ That gets me every time. YOU CAN'T SPIT SHINE VELCRO SNEAKERS!!!



omg amazing


what. the. fuck.


hurrrghhhh my brain just exploded i'm sorry what the hell just happened in that video