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I Want More Muscle


Hello! I have been under the bar for roughly 10-11 months… I am happy with my progress but I think i have alot more left… thata because for these 10 months I have ONLY been liftint heavy…6-12 reps most of the time with the body split 5 days over the week, legs-chest-back-arms-shoulders OR chest/tri-back/bicep-legs/shoulders… ive been doing these routines very heavy since i started and I know that if i change what im doing in a smart way I will get more gains, so do you guys got any advice for me?
…When i started i had ZERO muscle and decent amount of fat…


Read pretty much any 10 articles on the tnation part of the site. To start off move on to one of these routines …


keep lifting weights, make sure your diet is good, and stop taking weird pictures of yourself in the disabled toilet.


Yeah, keep lifting.


What exercises are you doing and what exactly did you eat yesterday? Beginners don’t need to be on splits and should focus on getting strong in the big lifts. But if you post exactly what you’re doing you can get some more concrete help.