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I Want it All.

I’m greedy. I know I can’t chase every goal. But I can maximize one while maintaining others. Just finished getting fairly lean (now at 10.1% bf) and have been maintaining that. It’s time to add a little size. I change up my routine every six weeks or so. I’m currently following my version of the shotgun method. here are my stats followed by this weeks workouts so far.

bw: 194
Ht: 6’0
bf: 10.1%

maxes are skewed since i havent trully maxed in a bit but i’ve done some single work

incline bench 225x1 (i rarely bench unlesss competing)
squat 405x2
deadlift 405x 5x1 cluster.

avatar pic was taken today.

monday workout

dec db bench warm up then 70(2x8) 80(6) 75(10)
pull up bw(8,8,6) asst with band for (10)
bul. split squat 45(8) 65(8) 95(6) 45(10)

was my first time using BB for bul. split squats, but the workout overall was a little light.

DB press to fly 40x8, 50x8, 60x8
wide cbl row 135x8, 150x8, 165x8
single leg sled 20x20
deadlift 135(3x8)
skip laterals 30(2x8) 35x8
DB muscle snatch 10x20, 12x20, 15x20
hammer curl 35xfail
DB ext on ball 30xfail

didn’t really need much leg work today, pretty sore after monday, but helped with active recovery and really trying to perfect deadlift form.

crazy 8 complex and abs.

Yo dude. Do you have much experience with complexes? I’m very interested especially after the article out today.
I’m envious of you man truly. You have a great physique. Keep up the good work.

I have done complexes in the past on an occasional basis, just kind of throwing them in on random conditioning days. Plan to do them at least once a week after today’s article. And thank you.


floor press… wm up…185x8 190x8 195x6 135x10
wow these felt great. haven’t done them in probably five years.

inverted rows wm up… 25x8 35x8 55x6 25x10
will probably swap these out. feel much better in higher rep ranges.

good morning wm up… 135x8x2 155x6 115x10

conditioning was 1000 jump rope skips and 20 min walk with dog.


hammer inc press 90 3x8
med neut pulldown 150 3x8
bent over row 135 2x15
mach ch press 120 2x15
lumber jack squat 135x8 90 2x8
hack squat 180x20
face pull to press 10 2x15
db sh press 70 3x8
3way cbl curl 12.5x fail
3way cbl ext 17.5 x fail


dec db bench. warm up…70x8, 75x8, 80x6, 90x4, 100x3, 60x10.
90 felt great. 100 felt terrible. not sure what happened there, but i was speeding through workout.
pullup warm up… bw 2x8, bwx6 bwx4 10x4 bw x3,3,2,2

BB bulgarian split squat wm up…95x8, 105x8, 110x6, 135 2x4. bwx10

1000 skips plus 20 min walk with dog. Routine is going well so far, but legs are taking a beating. I think I have found a Strongman compeition for Dec to compete in.


pretty sore all over so did lighter weights.

DB press to fly 50 2x8, 55x8
wide cbl row 150 3x8
deadlift 135 3x8
skip lateral 25x8 30x8 27.5x8
seated db muscle snatch 15 2x20, 12.5x20
alt db curl 40x6, 45x6, 50x6 ss with tube curls, bluex15
french press 80x6,90x6,100x6 ss with tube pushdowns blue x 15

farmers walks with 80lb db


floor press

wm up 185 2x8, 195x6, 205x4, 215x2,1,1 135x10
hammer row 90 2x8, 115x6, 135 2x4, 90x10
good morning 135x4, 155x4, 95x10
warmed up with hack squat good morning, felt good, but not like much work.

incline walking for ten minutes and stretching.


mach ch press 150 3x8
neut pulldown 165x8, 180 3.8
single leg sled 50x8, 70x8, 80x8
db sh pr 70x8, 80x6
sh complex… varies
incline hammer curl 30x10
one arm BB curl 20x10
overhead rope ext 120x10
one arm bb ext 20x10


dec db bench

warm up 80x5,90x3,95x2,105x2,70x10

wanted to do one more set of three, but the only 100s were being used by a group of six guys doing half rep presses. I was hoping for three with 105, lost my groove and had to drop, damn, will keep working.



bulgarian split squat



800 jump rope skips
car pushes
ten minutes of sprints.

will weigh in tomorrow and try to get bodyfat done this week.


DB press to fly 50x8, 60 2x8
1 arm cbl row 80 3x8
1 legged hammer leg press 90 3x15
skip laterals 25x8, 30 2x8
complex of rear delt raise, side raise, upright row and press. 15x10,10,10,10 15x10,8,8,10
alt db curl 40x6 ss with cbl curl 80x15. 45x6 ss 80x15
french press 80x6 ss with cbl pushdown 90x15, 85x6 ss 90x15

4x1/10mile sprints
farmers walk 70lb DBs for 1/10mile
twenty minute walk with dog

will weight tonight

Me at 220-230

As of today…

spent today shitting my brains out. all the training I need.


weighed 192, ugh.

floor press 185x5,195x3,205x2, 225x3, 230x2, 135x10

hammer row 90x5, 115x3,140x2, 150x3, 155x2, 90x10

good morning 135x5, 155x3, 165x2, 175x3,180x2, 45x10

conditioning 500 rope skips, 20 min walk


mach ch press 50 3x8
neutral pulldown 100x8,120 2x8
fnt squat 135 2x5
leg ext 50 2x20 (will try short step lunges next time)…
db sh press 70 2x5
shoulder complex 10x10,10,10,10 12.5x8,8,8,8
cbl curl 110x6 ss db inc curl 20x15 (x2)
cbl pushdown 110x6 1 arm db ext 20x15 (x2)

conditioning 4x 1/10 mile sprints
car pushes
20 min walk


db dec bench 65x5,70x5,80x5,90x5,95x3,60x10
pull up bwx5,bwx5,10x5,15x5,20x3,25x3,asstx10
BB bul. split sqt 95x5,115x5,135x5,155x5


sprints 3x1/10mile
farmers walk 70dbx1/10mile

20 min walk with dog

wt 194.5 with shoes.


inc press to fly 50 3x10
neut pull up bw 2x8
wide cbl row 42.5 42.5, x10
db deadlift 50 3x12
skip lateral 25, 30, 30 all x8
face pull 110x12, 150x8, 170x8
db curl 50 3x5
cbl pushdown 150 3xmax

conditioning lots of walking at park/nature place. Wrestling with the kid.


floor press wm up…205 5x2,5x2 clusters. 155x10
1 arm db row 105 10x2 cluster, 90 10x2, 70x10
good morning 135 5x5

1000 skips
25lb plate shuttle
30 min walk with dog

wt: 190.5 naked and pwo


floor press wm up…205 5x2,5x2 clusters. 155x10
1 arm db row 105 10x2 cluster, 90 10x2, 70x10
good morning 135 5x5

1000 skips
25lb plate shuttle
30 min walk with dog

wt: 190.5 naked and pwo