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I Want It All


Hi, I'm new to this forum.I've been playing and competing in different sports for many years now.Rowing, handball, kickboxing, classical wrestling, soccer, basketball, badminton and done some bodybuilding-style weightlifting.None of them have satisfied me so far.

I'm looking for some style of training that will train all of these aspects: long-term aerobic endurance, short-term anaerobic endurance, speed, explosive strength, speed-strength, strength endurance and limit strength.I don't want to excel at any of these but I would like to be good at all of them.

Something like the decahtlon athletes are, but that would mean concentrating on the technique too much.I don't want to waste time learning the technical niches or buying a lot of specialized equipment.So is there any way to achieve this using only my limbs, outdoors, a regular gym and olympic-style lifting?


Man, I to would be VERY interested in so form of exercise that would help me become a "jack of all trades, master of none"!

I think we will find some GREAT responses!


Sounds perfect for CrossFi-...

Wait a minute.


You got me all wrong, I didn't mean one form of exercise, I had in mind a system of different exercises and variations.More specifically how should i periodize my training.Should I do them all in one week, but on different days or should the cycle be longer?


Sorry that I didn't make my statement more clear, I did after all only go to public schools. When I stated "some form of exercise", I meant "some form of training" such as Crossfi.....

Wait a minute!


The backtuck releases fascial muscle tissue and helps maintain nitrogen balance. It also increases protein synthesis by a whooping 80%. It's very anabolic. It's proven by Scientitions everywhere.
Quoted from the learning to backtuck page...You should probably learn how to do this before anything else. Cardio and conditioning are a breeze after ou learn how to backtuck.


Yeah sounds to me like you need cross fit lol or to actually get serious about somthing and i don't know maybe... GET GREAT AT THAT instead of just ok and never get anywhere but if thats what you want go for cross fit lol there ok at everything.



Like others have said....check out the site linked to above.

"They specialize in not specializing"

Read the philosophy behind their method.


My own invention: selfwrestling.


Crossfit. Now leave us!

I banish thee!


End of Thread. But in all seriousness take the hint if your looking for all those things crossfit is EXACTLY what you want. T-Nation can't help you, except guide you to crossfit. They will show you everything you need to know about being mediocre at everything and GREAT at NOTHING. This is not the site for you, now depart and join your associates of mediocrity @ cross"SHITTY".


Way, way better than crossfit and would fit your goals perfectly:



Have fun.


I can't do Crossfit, my gym lacks kettlebells, ropes, balls, gymastics rings and all that.Besides, it sounds like "one size crossFITs all"
And does crossfit have any scientific basis? The workouts seem to be very random and there are also some irregular rest days.

Also by selfwrestling did you mean masturbation?


According to some, strong man is exactly what you are looking for.


Isn't strongman crossfit?


P90X: http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/p90x.do?code=P90XDOTCOM


Conjugated Westside Method



Cr Power please tell me you are joking... please.


I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic, as was I.