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I Want Issue #1 Of T-MAG

Just got issue # 3 in the mail today (finally) and i was very pleased. When i suscribed a few months ago issue # 1 had allready been mailed out so my subscription started with # 2. I sent an email a while back asking if there was any way to get issue # 1, but they said it was sold out and they didnt have any more copies available. i want to get issue # 1 so i can have all of the issues (you never know, one day they might be worth something) so if any of you know how i can get my hands on one or have any extra one you would like to sell me please let me know. Thanks - Nic

Merry Christmas! You can have mine I guess…it’s a little ‘busted up’ though (back cover coming off). Don’t know how we’d do it though, can you list mailing address on this forum?


I too have wanted issue #1, and have been unable to find it. Anyone else out there want to give me their copy as a Christmas present? Or is there anyone out there who would want to sell their copy? Let me know!