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I Want Crabs!!!


Back in college there was this crab meat (real stuff) in foil packs like tuna is sold in. I forget the name of the company and haven't seen it since.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? I did a quick google search but didn't find anything.


Dude, you're in MARYLAND-- home of the blue claw. You should be able to find fresh crabmeat out the wazzooo!

Try Super WalMart seafood section. They sell exactly what you're looking for-- crabmeat, both shell and claw, in sealed foil bags (like the tuna). Real crab meat, not imitation. Good stuff. I think it's "Blue Star" brand.

Also, Phillips and Chicken of the Sea sell chunk crabmeat in a can (see pic in one of the recipes in my La Cucina Anabolica Italiana thread). It's premium stuff-- really good. You should be able to get it right in your grocery store seafood section.

Do they have ACME, PathMark, or ShopRite stores in MD? I know that you can get those brands at any one of those stores.


You can have some of mine, this chick I met last week was kind enough to share them with me and I'll continue to spread the generosity shown to me.

Oh wait, is this what you are talking about: http://www.amazon.com/Chicken-Sea-Crab-3-53-Ounce-Pouches/dp/B000KOUEUW


I was looking for the kind in the foil pack, not can if possible.

yeah, we have seafood places here but I'd rather not pay out the butt for crab meat.

None of those stores you listed at the bottom and there's no Super Wal-Mart near me.


not the exact brand, but I'll give it a shot. Perhaps Giant does have that kind, just assumed it was imitation (doh)


I have never had real crab meat, only that imitation shit which is nasty.


really? I'm not a big blue crab fan (too much picking for little meat, yeah I'm a MDer), but Snow Crab Legs, those are the shit. Expensive, but if you can find an all you can eat place, oh yeah