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Shank you can get some good ideas from John Berardi’s site.

Although you may have already seen it. Good luck. Ciao. :slight_smile:

“If you know so much then write some articles for t-mag that can constructively answer these incorrect assumptions that I and a lot of people have about fitness”

Here you go dude:

Recognize any names in any of these articles?

Give these a read, your girlfriend should also.

The idea that women have to diet and train differently than men is one of the reasons that so many woman are screwed up when it comes to diet and nutrition.

But you know it all right?

Patricia says “You say in your stats that you are a personal trainer. If that’s so, then several chunks of your above replies should not be present.”

I don’t know Patricia, but maybe that “personal trainer” stuff explains why those chunks are present! :wink:

I’m sorry, Shank, but what you’re doing is stereotyping today’s perception of a “Personal Trainer”. And that aside, if you are indeed a certified personal trainer, then you would know the answers to these basic questions.

I appreciate your quest for answers, but it’s never a good idea to waltz into a new forum and insult and ridicule a longtime vet who has tons of practical experience and knowledge.

Whoa, ko did some serious homework! :slight_smile:

Nice post, man.


First, I think you should apologize to Patricia. She’s helped and inspired a lot of people on this forum, including me. Besides, she could probably break you in two.

Second, if you think diets are one size fits all you have a lot to learn before you’ll be able to help your clients achieve ultimate results.

Third, women do not need to have diet information presented to them in a different way. We already have that problem which is why so many of us (me not included) still have flabby thighs and fat asses.

Now, choose the Don’t Diet plan for your girlfriend or choose T-Dawg. I’ve had great results with Don’t Diet. Use the framework of whatever diet you choose and then experiment to find out what is best for your GF.


Email me personally - the link is over at my site - and I’ll be glad to help if I can.



Might not be a bad idea to sit down and work through some of the basics and take on the goals as a team, together.

My wife has lost 30 lbs of bodyfat simply by eating smaller portions of meals similar to mine. My wife is a picky eater, so we’ve even bent the rules so far as to include those Cliff Luna bars, in place of a protein shake or an MRP. She eats 5 to 6 meals per day and she has been able to find a happy medium between enjoyment of food and feeding her body.

While the messenger may have ruffled your feathers with the message, their point rings true. There really isn’t much difference between my and my wife’s diet. There?s no denying the fact that I’m 6 foot 1, and she’s 5 foot 3. While our ratios are similar (protein/carbs/fat), she eats smaller portions, similar to mine, and it works for her.

If I could do it all over again, I probably would have shown my wife where the information was, rather than giving her bits of information along the way. Teach a person to fish…

Check out the T-Dawg diet, or Joel Marion’s Cheaters Diet.

shank, the problem is that one, it seems like you really havent done your homework i.e. read the mag. and two your a trainer that gets paid to answer these very basic questions you should already know the answers. i admire the fact that you are here and trying to learn but christ read some articles and use the search engine.

as a fitness professional you should easily be able to convince her that her diet needs improvement. if she doesnt listen to you because of the “proximity bias” you go to t-mag print out some of the articles slap it to her and say read.

there are hundreds of diet and nutrition related articles here on this site. print all of lonnie lowerys and jb’s nutrition articles and start from there. if that isnt enough for her then i dont know what to tell you.

coming to this site and picking a fight with patricia is about the last thing you want to do here. she is one of the most helpful people on this site. if your question was more articulate and sounded as if you actually did your homework she would have given you all the help in the world. and knowing patricia she is probably still very willing ot help you.

patricia yer killin’ me…hehehehehehe


Shank, I’m sorry I didn’t see this thread until now. My good friend Cressey pointed me out to this thread because I’ve not been around these (or any) forums for a long time due to my commitment to finishing my thesis. But anyways, I’ll keep things simple here and then we can converse via email in greater detail.

So far, all of the people (including Patricia) who have posted have given you some really good information about an eating plan that is conducive to helping your gf lose her problem area:

Eat every 2-3 hours.
Include protein with every meal.
Ensure you include the essential fats in the diet.
Emphasize low-GI and low Glycemic Load Carbohyrdates.
Drink lots of water.
Stay away from sugar, fruit juices, candy etc, for the most part of the day.
Focus on balance.
Don’t let her starve herself.

You’ve made some great first steps to helping her make these changes, and like everyone has emphasized, men and women are not different when it comes to diet, training, and living a healthy lifestyle.

John (Berardi) has graciously offered his help and I will do the same.(btw, thanks John for stealing my thunder…I won’t share my dietary fat secrets with you anymore…lol- kidding sweetie)

Designing any diet can be hard for someone who doesn’t have much experience with it. With the help of John, myself, and the wonderful people on this forum, your girlfriend will be able to find an eating plan that’ll work for her. As Lisa Simpson said, everyone needs to find their own key, and we’ll help her do just that.

I hope you continue to learn from t-mag and the forums. Being here has taught me so many new things and challenged my current state of thinking. It’s great to learn from other people’s experiences, especially those who have spent a lot of time working on perfecting their health and body. The people and resources here are probably some of the best I’ve ever come across and many successful people began their journey right here in this very spot.


PS- I’m pretty sure your girl will take you over me if it really came down to it… but if not, hmmmmm

“So if I could just show her that a woman should eat a diet similar to a man by letting her see a buff womans diet (like cass) it could only help.”

I just want to point out Shanks comments quoted above. I think he knows that men and women should do things similar, he’s just having trouble getting his girlfriend to realize that. He just wanted to show her evidence that girls CAN eat and train like men, by showing her Cass’s diet or someone similar.

Shank, welcome to T-mag.

Oh boy, fun, fun, fun.

shank: The first thing Patricia said was great. A persons sex has very little effect on exercise and diet. Listen to Patricia, she is Wonder Woman after all. I mean iterally.

Now you have Cass telling you exactly what se did, which is exactly what you wanted.

Not only that, you have John Berardi offering his help. If he were into fashion, he would be all the “Queer Eye” guys rolled into one. Oh, sorry for the analogy John. ;^)

Now print out a picture of Cass, and show it to your wife. Ask, “Do you want to look like this? Then do everything I say.” And put her on the right diet and exercise routine. If she argues, pull out the picture and ask if she truly wants to look like “this”.

Also don’t tape the picture to her during sex. The women hate this.

“Cause of a past eating disorder I did not do her bodyfat percentage, since the last time I did that and her weight, it caused a lot of problems.”

Here’s something that everyone has overlooked, but that is going to make things a lot trickier if she’s isn’t in the right mindset. That said, I encourage you to educate her; don’t just hand her a diet. She needs to know what foods are doing for her and why she needs them.

Good luck!

Shank, use the search engine, educate yourself and then ask about anything that you don’t understand. And stop with the denigrating of very knowledgeable people on this forum.

i agree with eric,
Even if it seems shes over the ED the after affects can mentally stick around for a (long)while. She may have a hard time eating every 2-3 hours and might not conciously know why. Point her to articles here(t-mag has been my best resource when it comes to foods). Teach her what foods to eat, but also why she’s eating those particular foods. She needs to know that she can loose weight eating a helluva lot more (healthy)food than she could before because her metabolism will get going full speed. Taking the first steps is the hardest when your trying to add double or more food into your daily intake… Its scary, and its just damn hard to consume so much more. The begining may have a small weight gain as the metabolism corrects itself (although i personally did loose my first week of ‘heavy’ eating) just give it a couple weeks ^^

I think the only thing different between male/female eating is to make sure eats 2-3 hours. Men should too, but a womens metabolism slows down 3 hours after not eating, where as a mans doesnt for 5 hours(or so i read, please correct me if im wrong t-maggers). So its really important, keeping a healthy snack on her at all times just in case of a long meeting, traffic, bad weather, meteors crashing into earth. Something like beef jerkey, a bag of cashews maybe? stuff that obviously wont need fridgeration, and most people would advise staying away from protien bars/low carb bars since they have “hidden” carbs like glycerine.


thank you everybody for your help


I agree with Eric Cressey. She needs to read up on why the diet will be effective and how her body works.

That will give her a greater understanding of the relationship between what she puts into her body and how that will change her body as a result.

my 02.

Note to vets: If you don’t like the question, don’t post a response. No one is forcing you to spend your day on t-mag reading and responding to everyones posts.

I have to agree with Keiran, if you do not like the question then you do not have to respond. This guy was only looking for some help. Everyone sends people to the search engine, well there are hundreds of articles. Sometimes it would be nice to have someone point you in the right direction like the T Dawg diet that some people have referenced. Also it is nice that people like Cass actually respond in a manner that is helpful. It appeared to me that Shank wanted to show his girlfriend that someone like Cass eats similar to a guy that is into the same lifestyle as her.

I rarely post here for fear of backlash, which I shouldn’t have to worry about since we are all here to learn and to better ourselves.

That’s my .02 Boom #80

JB only offered his help. I actually put the link up to his site. That was weak John. I am the man yay me. Tee hee hee. :wink:

Notice how many of the vets have left recently? Or are posting less frequently?

Just curious.

And for anyone else who’s in fear of a “backlash”, here’s a foolproof (well, I hate to use the word since I’ll undoubtedly be proven wrong, but WTH) way to avoid it:

  1. Read an article. Any article.

  2. Read it again, to make sure that you understand it.

  3. Do a quick search on the T-mag search engine to see if there are any follow-ups to it (especially if it’s an old article).

  4. Once having done 1-3, if you have questions about it, come over here. If what you want is feedback on a diet or supp or workout routine, FOR GOD’S SAKE use the forum search engine. I guarandamntee you that there will have been lots and lots of it. All you have to do is look.

  5. If you still have a question or two about whatever it is, and you haven’t found the answer in your reading thus far (but probably you will have), then by all means ask. But, as a favor to those of use who’ve been around here a while, do try to phrase your question in a way that shows you’ve done your homework.

  6. If the question is not about the supp/diet/workout routine in a vacuum, but you want an opinion about how it might work for you personally or for an individual you know/train/want to bone/etc., then you must provide enough information about the person in question for us to give you a decent answer.

And that’s it. Six easy steps. Now no one should ever have a problem ever again. :slight_smile:

(Yeah, right. :-p )