I want cassanova

My girlfriend recently saw a picture of cassanova on t-mag and has been going on for the last two days about how great she looks and how much she wants to look like her. the way she is carrying on, I am wondering if she is gonna dump me for cass. Has cassanova ever posted one of her daily menus on the net? If not, does anybody have an idea of what a womans daily diet would have to look like.

Repeat after me:

“There’s no such thing as a ‘women’s only’ diet”

“There’s no such thing as a ‘women’s only’ diet”

“There’s no such thing as a ‘women’s only’ diet”

“There’s no such thing as a ‘women’s only’ diet”

And now:

“Diets are individual specific - planned according to one’s needs”

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to cass and th wife:

if you do hook up, please please gimme a call.

By the looks of cass, and the actions of your girlfriend you have two options… Lock her away in a closet, or let her leave you in pursuit of cassanova…

that is all… =P


geez, thanks for all the help guys. My girlfriend is gonna get a lot more fit eating a diet of only sarcasm.
When I say a womans diet there are issues that confront women much more then men. Maybe I mistated what I wanted when I wanted a womans diet. Women do tend to be more afraid of fats then men, the do tend to eat less protein, and also tend to be a more target population of fad diets much more then men. Due to the undeniable higher social pressures on women to be thin, I also believe that any information given to women about diet, at least in america, must be presented a little differently then men.
So repeat after me:
Could somebody please give me help
Could somebody please give me help
Could somebody please give me help

p.s. if my girl really did want to hook up with cass, the last place I would put her in is a closet, I would kill to see that.

Shank, I’ll help.

Tell us about your GF. Height, weight, body fat level, and what kind of activity she does right now. Also, what is her willingness to change? What does her diet look like now?

Shank,if you want her to have that ripped look like Cass,then put her on a low carb like the T-dawg 2.0 or somthing,better get her working out hard to boot!! good luck Bro

Yeah, Cass does look pretty nice :slight_smile:

Men are this way, too.


I present diet/nutrition information the same to both men and women.

Are you new to this site? If not, have you NOT read on thing that any of the regular women who post here have said?

she is 26, a little over 5 foot tall, and weighs about 117lbs (I am guessing at this, see below). She is very solid up top but has a lot of weight in her legs, that is actually where the fat seems to go. Cause of a past eating disorder I did not do her bodyfat
percentage, since the last time I did that and her weight, it caused a lot of problems.
Before we started dating her diet was really crappy. She would have a special k bar for breakfast then a salad for lunch (no chicken or shrimp in that). During the late day she would snack on “fat free” pretzels (i know that sucks). For dinner she would have soup (chicken noodle) and a turkey sandwhich. Right now I have her eating cottage cheese with fruit in the morning and throwing some chicken on her salad. For her dinner I got her to cut up a chicken breast and add it to her soup. Also she added another salad with dinner. I am trying to get her to eat more protein as a priority. But she just seems like she cannot get rid of the fat in her hips and thighs. He lifting routine is increasing her definition for sure, so I don’t think that is the problem.
Her willingness to change is ferocious. The only problem is that she works really long hours (she is a very successful young executive for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world). So she needs food that is quick and convenient. I wanted a sample diet of a fit girl like cass so I could at least show her the basic outline of a diet used by a very fit woman. If she sees that cass eats a lot of protein, etc. it might motivate her as well as give her ideas on how she can manipulate her own diet. The whole “every diet is individual” is a no go, cause that really does not mean anything to me. I would really like a general template to start from. I will look at that t-dawg diet. I also ordred John Berardi’s diet video, but that won’t get hear until december. I was also thinking of hiring swolecat for some help. Either way Thanks to all the people trying to help.

as long as you and her believe that, she will never look the way she wants. you have got to lose the “weight watchers/curves” mentality. my body loses fat the same way hers does.

First let me start this post thanking you guys for your help. Now to PATRICIA. If you don’t want to help me then get the hell off this thread. I don’t know how things are with you and your clients, or how things are in argentina, so therefore I do not comment on that. So unless you want to offer something constructive, stop with the “bullshit posts”. I am trying to help my girlfriend here, not have a fight with you(i love her and could give two shits about you if your gonna be so damn antagonistic). I have just been starting out on t-mag, and with the overabundance of information it has been hard holding down a fulltime job and reading it all. So if you know somehthing I don’t then contribute or stop spewing your verbal diarrhea all over the screen. got it!

p-dog that is a good point that not only do I agree with but will certainly make to her. I just felt that I have to work with what I got. So if I could just show her that a woman should eat a diet similar to a man by letting her see a buff womans diet (like cass) it could only help.

Things are great in Argentina. So great, it looks like I’ve never left Portland, Oregon.

I have first hand experience in knowing what I say. My “verbal diarrhea” is from 20-years of experience in the gym, posing platform and on the strongman/woman competitive field.

You say in your stats that you are a personal trainer. If that’s so, then several chunks of your above replies should not be present. You need to understand something:

A “fit” gal generally eats similar to a “fit” guy. What will be good for Cass will not be good for your gf. No matter even if your gf is “ferocious” in her commital to this new endeavor. If you cannot even grasp this concept, how can your gf even trust in your help?

dude pick a diet and training program from the mag and give it to her.

Getting rid of the fat in her thighs will just be a function of losing fat in general…that’s just where she stores it.

I’m no Cass yet, but I’ve lost 50 pounds, and have a fair amount of LBM, so I have a little experience with this.

First off, you’re making good changes to her diet. Is she keeping a food log? Really, the best thing for her to do would be read T-Dawg 2.0, and put together a food plan. Start with that, and see what works. For example, I’m more carb sensitive than most, so I didn’t see results until I dropped mine below recommended T-Dawg levels. But I wouldn’t know that until I took the template of a well-planned diet, tried it, and paid attention. I think that’s the source of some of the flak you’re getting. I could write down exactly what I eat, and she could eat that, too, but that’s no guarantee. Everyone needs to find their own key.

That said, there are a few “absolutes.” First off, have her shoot for at least a gram of protein per pound of LBM. Have her limit carbs initially to 70g per day non-training days, 100g per day training days (incorporating a recovery drink). Cut out dairy and milk, or try the diet initially with these foods but be ready to drop them if necessary. Have her get get enough omega-3s. And don’t let her too much cardio! While your point about whether the average man and woman receive conflicting dietary advise is debatable (I argue with many men in my office about dietary fat), there’s no question in my mind that women are inordinately skewed toward cardio relative to men. Keep it in line, and make her lift hard.

Sorry so long-winded! In sum, read the article, come up with a food plan, and give it a shot. Feel free to post it for critique. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to.

Here’s to success!


I started this post looking for help. I am sorry if I am not as great as someone who knows it all and has seen it all, as you are. Thank you for everybody who has tried to help me. As far as being a trainer, yes I am. I have very good results with my clients and girlfriend in getting them stronger and more functional for their daily tasks. My last barrier to really helping my clients is addressing their diets. I came to this website to expand my knowledge so that I could not only provide my clients with a better service. To be honest with you, comming on this website is a hell of a lot more than most trainers out there are willing to do.
It just seems like your posts are steeped in arrogance and a holier then thou attitude. If you know so much then write some articles for t-mag that can constructively answer these incorrect assumptions that I and a lot of people have about fitness. If general diets don’t work (if everybody is as individual as you say) then maybe you should take it upon yourself to write an article on how individuals can identify what makes their diet unique. If diets are as unique as you say, how does anybody figure their diet out with no basis to start from? Does that mean that the t-dawg diet I just read about is useless cause it is not specific to one single person. Or how about swolecats diets. He says himself that there are similarities in some of the diets he gives out, and the results he gets with people seem amazing. If somebody has already written an article on the above It wouldn’t of broken your arm to make reference to it on your post. Maybe one day in 20 years I will be as smart as you, and you can be assured that when I am, I will give newbies constructive advice instead of acting like my shit tastes like icecream. I am gonna take what I learned from the t-dawg article and apply it the best I can. Once again, thank you for everybody who tried to help.

p.s. your post says argentina under it, that is why I thought you were from there.

thank you very much lisa. you hit it on the head when you said that I least need something to start with in order to manipulate to her individual needs. Like I said above, I am gonna start with the t-dawg diet and go from there. I am done with this post.

Ok, Shank, here’s some ‘insider’ info for you, so you understand the agro you’re getting. One: Cass is the ‘dude-ette’ for sure, but so is Patricia, just ask Cass herself (has your gf seen pics of Patricia?). Anything Patricia says to you, listen, she’s got as much knowledge and experience as anyone who writes the articles, and more than some (and a sense of humor).

Two: you’re new, so you haven’t seen the multiple, mutiple posts of this sort. We (regulars) get tired of it and sometimes cranky. Sorry for that, but really, there is NO difference between men and women (I’m a woman, btw) in training and diet. I understand your gf needs to see her own sex represented, but you have to beleive this fact too.