I want Abs w/o huge obliques

I want to build a six-pack but I don’t really want huge obliques. I don’t mind them being strong but I don’t like the way they look when they stick out. What do you guys/gals suggest for working on my abs w/o too much oblique work? Am I the only one who thinks huge obliques make the physique look bad?


Avoid heavy side bends and bent presses.

That’s all there really is to it.

A lot of it is genetics. Some people have naturally broad shoulders, some have naturally broad waists. I’m one of them. Use them to your advantage. Obliques are the most functional of the abdominal muscles. Most athletic endevours require tremendous strength and support from the obliques. Don’t neglect them. Not training them will not make them any smaller. Losing fat will prevent the “love handle” look, but heavy training will give u a solid, powerful, balanced look. Don’t confuse fat(love handles) with obliques. The former is not desirable.

-If you don’t want your obliques to draw attention, build your lats.

A thick wait tells me you should be able to squat. Do you want to look like you know how to lift or look like you built your body with some late-night ab video?