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I Want A Guitar



  1. Electric Hollowbody
  2. Single or double cutaway
  3. Two pickups
  4. > $400
  5. Vintage, new, used, doesn't matter

And I really dig the Bisby style bridge but it's not a "must have"

Top three choices that I'm tossing around:

  1. Vintage Harmony "Rocket"
  2. Ibanez "Artcore"
  3. Epiphone "Dot"

Naturally, when one considers the electric hollowbody usually the next thought is Gretsch, but they're expensive for what I'd be doing with it, and is brand name really that important?

Any advice you guys have would be badass. Thanks in advance.


Go with the Epiphone. The Hollow Body guitars are one of the few exceptions where Epiphones stack up nicely to their bigger brother in Gibson IMO. I've played around with the Ibanez' in store and wasn't impressed (with any of their models TBH), even through a top of the line tube amp the sound was only so-so.



Ibanez also has that bisby style bridge that looks all kinds of sexy, but if it doesn't perform I'll end up hating it.


Really? I find that many Epiphones are at least as good as their Gibson counterparts. The Epiphone dot is just clearly better than the Gibson.

Anyway, I've played both Dots and Artcores and I think both are great.

I'd still buy a Jackson, though. \m/


Some of the Epiphone Les Pauls are decent in comparison, but these are the ones that have almost a Gibson sticker price on them. None of the SG models are even remotely close to a Gibson SG standard. I am also a fan of many of the Epiphone acoustics as an affordable guitar for the price.

Based off of what OP is looking for, I'm going out on a limb and saying he does not have much interest in playing metal, so recommending a Jackson is pointless.


I mean, of course it's the expensive Epiphones that are comparable to Gibsons. Obviously it's not the $200 ones that are amazing. But yeah, the higher-end Epiphone LPs are pretty damn nice. And I do agree about the SGs. Most of the semi-hollow and hollowbody guitars from Epiphone are pretty good.

Honestly, though, I'd just buy a Jackson. And some leather pants.


Leather pants? Naw. You'd need about three cows to kit me out in a pair.

I'm going with the electric hollowbody because for nostalgic value since I played my dads' in high school, it's a versatile intrument in that the only thing it won't play well is Metal, and there's no denying the look. It doesn't need to be an untouchable work of art, but I definitely dig the look.

I've seen the jacksons at GTC, those things are like Ferrari's to me.

And I'm a pickup truck guy.


Haha, I'm just messing around with the Jacksons. Sort of a huge leap from hollowbodies. A Dot or Artcore really should be fine for you. Both play pretty well and are great for the money.