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I Want A Dik Dik!


I just found this pic on the web. It's a Dik Dik - the smallest antelope in the world!

What a great pet for a dwarf! Now I just need to find out how to get one. Well, I should probably get rid of my dogs first.


I'm sure Print would love to give you a little Dick-Dick.

No offense, Dwarfie....


That's full grown? That's pretty cool if so, hope they don't have attitudes like small dogs though, I hate them fuckers.


LOL! Well, it would be acceptable ONLY if Print can wag his Dick Dick like a dog's tail.



Yeah, full grown! And you're right about little dogs. I have 2 Miniature Pinschers that would kill and eat that Dik Dik!


That is impressive...I gots to admits it~


Love it.

I'd run it a cycle though.


MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm dick dick!



I need some dic dic too.

Ooh, and that little antelope looks cute too.
I saw a cow that size and I've always wanted a cow ;(


Too little meat.


Can we get you a tiny pink purse to match also? You're starting to scare me, man. What's next, only the 6" subway sub?


Awww....it's so fluffy!


I can just imagine ID riding that thing to the store, gym, wherever. Seriously, how precious would that be.


I'd prefer the mini giraffes that they have on the DirecTV commercials. Maybe our animals could have play dates together.


OMG that's better than a house hippo.


...I don't think so...I'd take a house hippo over a dik dik, even though a dik dik is very cute.


Oh, I DEFINITELY want one.

Look! I've got a nice, cozy, uhhh, bed already made that's warming up now....


You, me... and a dic dic
God girl we could have it all!


Did you just say Subway?

Well lemme tell how I feel about Subway.....


You put your peas in at the start of the crockpotting? Don't they get mushy?