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I want a Bruce Lee type body

I want to have Bruce Lee speed and power. What diet/workout would you guys suggest to acchieve this. I was thinking Cut up to below 10%bf and do mostly power and speed work. Ie. 5x5 method and actual bag work with my martial arts. I want functional strenght I want to be strong as hell for my size. I want power/speed/flexibility and agility. I have good genetics. What do you guys think?

Cleans, snatches, etc. 5x5 is fine for building strength, but it won’t do as much for speed. You could do a strength day and a speed day (like Westside does) with the speed days consisting of 2-3 reps for 8-10 sets. You can also try things like Dinosaur Training to increase functional strength, and lots of twisting abs movements, ex.russian twists.

There’s an interesting article on Bruce Lee at
Charles Staley’s (myodynamics).

pavel tsatsouline has great martial arts strength w/out bulk stuff at the dragondoor site.

go here http://www.myodynamics.com/articles/bruce.html

Very interesting article. I didn’t say I want to be Bruce Lee I just want a physique like that. I want to be ripped and powerfull. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I prefer to do this natural with just protein supps. I do own most of Pavel’s tapes on training however I found them lacking customization ie training for certain goals…