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I want a bigger butt


Any suggestions on how to get a bigger butt? Yes I do deadlifts and squats. What other lifts can help me get a bigger butt??


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okay other things include a pre-hab circuit before you squat that includes ass isolation/activation exercises. It really works, as I cannot fit my ass into any of my clothes from last year. If you really want to know, i will send you everything in detail, just pm me. Also, look up Jim Wendlers 5-3-1 program- this will build your ass, I promise, and ive only done it for 3 months.


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if you want to grow then you have to eat to fuel the muscle growth. it is hard (if not impossible) to get muscle to grow on fat burning diets.

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x2 on what bre said. Glute activation before lower body workouts really helped me. I went the longest time thinking mine were firing just fine until I really did the activation work.

Stronghold wrote me a glute specialization program last fall that really worked for me. Lots of (box) squats, deadlifts, good mornings, RDLs and lunges. I'm pretty sure my ass was sore during the entire training block.

Heres a vid that has been posted many times, but it might be good for training ideas.


i guess i can just make this public.

prehabilitation - is what you do before your workout so you dont injure yourself.

i pulled my ass twice squatting when i first started out. and so what i did, to strengthen it, was the following circuit:

quad stretch - get down on one knee like you wish your husband had, stretch forward, switch legs, really stretch your quad, x 10/leg

sky humpings - lay down, knees up, like you're going to get head, then pump your pelvis towards the sky squeezing your glutes like you're holding in a huge shit.. really squueze

one leg sky humps.. do the same but straighten one leg - point your toe out, try to keep your hips as level as possible and fire the glute that you're using in a powerful thrust, and quietly lower it back down - start with 5/leg, work up to 20/one leg.

stretch the piriformis - sit indian style, bend one knee up, then cross the other ankle over your quad and stretch your ass.. you can also sit this ass on a tennis ball, hurts like bitch, but this is the best way to work this muscle out
now get on your knees doggy style and lift one leg like you're pissing on a fire hydrant.. isolate your ass muscle and squeeze it - make your knee parallel to your hips...bring it up as far as you can, now kick out, bring it back, x 10/leg

jane fonda geometric shapes - now stay on all fours, and stick one leg out behind you and make squares, circles and figure eights, as much as your range of motion will allow, and do 20 of them. by now you should be in a pool of sweat.

jump squats.. so this is cool, you kneel on one knee kinda barely touch ing the floor, jump up and switch legs, landing on the other leg.. this works your core - helps you to keep your balance i do 10/side
you can also do burpees- these are bitch. google it.

so i do all of this before a squat session x 2-3 time to activate my glutes. imo i have a great ass. it was a bit flat and droopy when i started but it definitely filled out after about 6 weeks of this.

to squat i recommend calculating 90% of your one rep max, and doing 70, 80, 90 % of this number 3 sets of 5 each, same for dead lifts. see jim wendler 5-3-1 your ass will be so big you wont know what to do with it.- also important calculate 50% and do 5 sets of 12 reps on assistance exercise after your main lifts. for me this has really worked, and it's simple, easy to follow.

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Sqauts should be ass to calf depth if you're a bodybuilder and not a powerlifter. Get da big butt.

ROMANIAN DEADLIFTS are your friend and stretch them down LOW LOW LOW as you can to the platform to hit the glute hard. YOu are a bodybuilder not a powerlifter its not about the weight your muscle is moving its about your muscle moving the weight. You need these three sets 8-15 reps once a week. Put your Romanians on your squat day I would superset them with Hamstring Curls or Hamstring Pressdowns. On your Deadlift day where you're pulling your Max DL put additional non squat quad work (legg press, leg extensions, etc.)

I want you to consider pulling your deadlifts sumo style. This involves the glutes MORE and will build your ASS MORE.

Look into one legged work BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUATS ARE THE GODDAMN devil and also the amigo of the giant muscular ass. Walking weighted lunges. Single Leg Dumbell Deadlifts. FUCKING HEINOUS ASS WEIGHTED ANTERIOR REACH. I hate these so much I have to put them FIRST IN my workout lineup! They are the killer and they make your ass hella sore which is what you're after.

Welcome to PowerfulWomen girl, where we all want BIGGEr harder rounder butts... and know how to get them.


Yea dude, RDLs with dumb bells are pretty sick. You can get a better range of motion with them vs barbell and standard plates.


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This video was awesome! She has a very in shape ass but its not big. Still the lifts and her doing them is perfect! Thanks for the video, i'm going to try some of these!!


I love any style of deadlifts, my favs are the romanian deadlifts then trapbar deadlifts. They feel sooooooo good! haha i'm glad I can talk to some women who actually feel the pleasure of lifting weights. I work almost with all girls bartending and wear little shorts and tops with cowboy boots and they don't get my whole thrill with eating clean and lifting. I tell them lifting is different than "workingout". I don't go to the gym and run on the treadmill for an hour and then do a couple bicep curls with 10lb weights. So i'm glad to be making workout girlfriends!!! I've never done deadlifts sumo style, but I usually do box squats sort of in replace of the sumo, but i'll have to try it. I think i'm going to do legs tonight, sort of a medium night... we'll see how good it feels. Whats the anterior reach thing?? Another butt workout that I don't know what its called but burns my ass is taking one of those bungie bands and putting them under your feet and get in a squat position and move ur way down the gym staying low to the ground and ur ass will burn.... but the burn is good!!! hahaha Pic of me at work. Toby Keiths I love this Bar and Grill!!


Depending on your penchant for muscle growth and also on whether you are quad or hamstring dominant, you may not want to include too many deadlifts and direct hamstring work if all you seek is a bigger, rounder butt. Too much hamstring work can thicken the hams and interfere with the gluteal fold and achieving gluteal separation from the hams. This is all per Bret Contreras, and from my own experiences training my wife and a number of other women.

Rather than make remarkably unhelpful comments about anal sex or ask for pictures of you in a thong, maybe you can describe your shape and show us a picture of how you want your butt to look? How would you characterize the proportion of your hamstrings to quads? How would you currently describe your butt, and what specific areas (broken into quadrants, upper/middle/lower, inner/outer) of your butt do you want to change, and how? Also, overall goals. Do you plan on competing, if so, in what?


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