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I Wanna Talk about How to Get a Girlfriend

I still cannot get over the fact that the Roman poet Ovid was ridiculed by his contemporaries as “feminine” for sleeping exclusively with women.

As for the Greeks, their stance towards women was “mrph, I guess they help around the household and nag all the time” while they had a complex twelve tier system for rating the sexual attractiveness of prepubescent boys.


Once again I find myself misinterpreting history influenced by my own predilection, vs. what actually happened.

I guess I’d have been considered pretty feminine too. :man_shrugging:


I don’t think there is a correlation between the use of anabolic steroids and having a big schnoobadoodle. I know a few of those very attractive gym girls, some actually do have very high standards as they also impose high beauty standards upon themselves. They are very attractive and thus can realistically choose to have sexual relations with good looking men. Even with this being said, they’re not going after hyper aesthetic Jeff Seid types. Such bodies typically cater towards a very specific niche and for the most part come across as intimidating. Very few women want to date men who come across as if they’re more interested in themselves than they are the girl they’re going to be dating.

It’s not misogynistic to think “attractive women probably have sex with attractive men”… because (esp if they’re young) this IS very often the case… However the “they must be getting reamed by bodybuilders with massive schnoobadoodles!” Nah, that’s just insecurity getting to you.

I’m not sure if the few that I know are promiscuous, as a matter of fact I know a few who aren’t because they’re very picky… I hate the word thot… I’m not a fan of slanglish (my terminology for bogan/street talk), each to their own I suppose.

What if they visited brothels? (joking)

However you refer to American society. In Europe, various geographically isolated tribal cultures, Ancient Rome/Greece etc it was very possible for men to amass a high “body count”… I hate that term too…

This also led to quite a few innocent people being put to death. However this doesn’t only pertain to sexual misconduct. Being loose with the death penalty + stone age society = situations like the Salem with trials unfolding.

This is actually somewhat of a misconception. The Greeks did commonly employ anal sex within relationships, either as a method of contraception or when entailing man/child relations (ew) or homosexual relations. The “greek” method being employed as a means of contraception was common, but taboo and it was not openly discussed (if I recall correctly). It was a common practice, but it wasn’t systematically encouraged or promoted as a contraceptive mechanism.

I was going to say this, in ancient Greece… women were more/less considered property. Life for them sucked…

To the point of the thread

How to get a GF… Not THAT hard

  • Do you have a large extended family… if so, you ask someone your age/close to your age if they can set you up on a date.
  • Talk to girls… (shocker!)
  • Dating apps like Jdate can work depending on what you’re looking for
  • Take up a social hobby like martial arts, pottery etc. Not hard to approach women and strike up casual conversations when the environmental paradigm is inviting

I’m no expert, I don’t have a GF… however I’ve seen successful relationships eventuate from the former examples

I said most men could not, generally speaking.

This is besides my point though.

Most men in America couldn’t, unless they were of high status and/or were degenerates. As a whole if we refer to the whole world… I’m not so sure… I’m not a historian, however I know of quite a few societies that existed during the same timeframe of 17-1800’s USA wherein it wouldn’t have been hard for a man to amass a sexual history of 2+ partners.

Any culture that practiced polygamy (Islamic societies, some Jewish societies). Any culture that had permissive attitudes towards sex (various progressive European societies) etc probably had plenty of men with extensive sexual histories. I don’t think “most men couldn’t” rather, American men couldn’t because America was founded upon the precipice of puritanism/fanaticism. If I recall puritans were driven out of England for being too extreme, and the English Catholics weren’t exactly secular.

Not to say I agree with polygamy or rampant promiscuity, however the societal paradigm in the USA re attitudes towards sex was very strict/repressive. We see this replicated with the MPAA… one second of boobs on screen? 17+… In Australia this example would lead to a PG rating.

Even today, attitudes towards sex within Australia and most of Europe are far, FAR, far, FAAARR more permissive relative to North America. However I’m not sure if this correlates to European/Australian society necessarily being more promiscuous. Sex may not be taboo, but behaving like a dissolute imbecile will be frowned upon almost everywhere.

In polygamy what often occurs is top men hog women leaving lower-status men womanless, which then leads to lower productivity and anti-social behavior, and lower investment parenting by polygamous men. Polygamous societies are marked by civil unrest. This is why the reasons the West ended it. Enforced monogamy gave ordinary men a stake in society.

Agreed on this front. I’m not advocating for polygamy

I was just stating that such societies existed at the time, not making a “pro polygamy” statement

To my knowledge polygamy is illegal within most modern secular societies. You can’t have multiple wives, swinging occurs but is heavily frowned upon and being open about such a dynamic will typically lead to a degree of social ostracism, even within non religious societies.

Though it should be noted within some of the Aussie islamic communities polygamy still occurs, the 2nd, 3rd or 4th marriage isn’t state licensed and they’ll find a mosque that will marry the extra wives. If caught out, penalties are harsh (like 5 years prison time)

Should be noted (to a degree) Australia tries to construct an egalitarian dynamic. Within the communities I speak of, being “top class” typically means you’re an underworld figure/high up in the ranks of organised crime.

Gee so it was the same back then…

  1. No
  2. I do but they are my friends/acquaintances not necessarily people I want to bang
  3. Granted I might have spent only a total of like a couple months on these and had very few matches and they only wanted to hookup
  4. Yeah well I teach boxing and Crossfit classes, but I don’t feel comfortable hitting on girls since it’s actually my job ahah

Although coaching girls can have its perks. 3 of them invited me to eat and go out this saturday and I didn’t pay a dime, they wanted to thank me. It felt a bit uncomfortable not paying lol (and no I don’t fancy them)

You box?

What kind of dating app are we talking about? Tinder is not a dating app

This is a good point. In merica we have a few apps. Only one right now is worth a damn, the others are lots of fakes and hook ups. It’s worth “shopping around” and finding the right one.

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I’ve never thought about that before, but it totally sounds logical. (and explains the whole gazillionaires society (haves and have nots) we have today as well imo)

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Yes, Jordan Peterson talked about this at length. On the flip side, polygamic societies - where those at the top get the most of the women - are great for waging war because they entice young men to risk their life for a chance of social advancement and well, sex.

The Trojan War! Pun most definitely intended.

Although…why would Greeks go to war over a woman…heh.

“You’ll see that our offices are pretty spartan”.
“Oh wow, mandatory anal penetration for all men, then?”

Then I’M being called a weirdo and not people who don’t understand my factual history based jokes.

But it’s less of a shitshow than refering to J.R.R Tolkien as the “greatest writer to come out of Africa”


Just a little, but I would like to get better at it, and I loooove the training and to train fighters. These are not 100% boxing classes but cardio and boxing combined, the skill level is way lower

Touché. I haven’t tried any other since pre-Covid, so things might have changed. But Tinder is where the vast majority of people are here in France, especially younger ones.

Also, yeah, Tinder is f’d up. The 3 girls I went out with are “normal” girls, not garden tools: very discreet on Instagram and such, not very promiscuous, not that beautiful but not ugly as sin either.

This weekend I was talking about Tinder and for the lolz they decided to hop on it because why not. In a couple days they had dozen of matches and messages. So much that one of them got approached at the gym during the session yesterday: the guy had matched her and talked to her the day prior and she did not recognize him because she wasn’t paying attention to the app, it was more just a game and a distraction lol.

And, not to suck my own D, but I have been told by many girls and guys that I am very handsome, and I had zero matches these last couple weeks, and these very ordinary girls (who I would rate as around 5 on the physical scale) are getting BOMBARBED lol

On the other hand I was eating with a friend yesterday evening. he is crazy successfull on the app, more than 700 matches sleeping, many, many messages not answered and he had once again two different girls this day. He deletes them if they don’t wantr to come at his or her place and F on the first date.

I can observe everything the red pill movement says :joy:

So yeah I think I’ll just approach IRL lol

What is this one then?

For my demographic it’s hinge. It’ll be different in different places. Best to ask around or just download them all and see which works best.

Haven’t tried dating apps, and I am married (so not looking around haha), but I saw a video of an average looking chick who put together a Tinder profile with the goal of getting as many matches as she could. Tons of matches, messages, and she could pick and choose. Then she put together a profile as a male, used pictures of a guy who I would say was about as attractive as her. Tried her best, I think she got 0-1 matches in the couple of weeks of trying. She felt pretty depressed after.

I think the types of pictures matter. I’m a solid 5 and make up for it with personality and dark jokes and keep my profile hidden 24/7 and can stay extremely busy if I want to.

@aldebaran i know you’ve had some professional pictures taken or what look like professional pictures, maybe just some natural out in the wild pictures would work better?

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I met my wife on tinder. I had a real good shirtless pic as my profile pic, a few pics of me doing cool stuff and a funny profile blurb that mentioned all the cool stuff I did. I was VERY successful, but also I knew it was a numbers game so I swiped Yes on the vast majority of women and only bothered looking at their profile if we matched. I IMMEDIATELY asked women on a quick drink date, I never had e-conversations. I simply used the app as a way to meet a metric fuck-ton of women, would get denied by the majority, and get enough yes’s to go on two dates a week for a year or two. I had all kinds of interactions, a bunch of great stories, and met cool people (including some “famous” ).

It is what you make of it. Don’t blame the app, it’s likely the user.

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