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I Wanna Log Too


hey all. i see lots of other logs and lots of responses and i wanna play too!

so here goes and to start a little about me. i was an athletic trainer working independently for nearly 9 years working mostly with endurance athletes (runners and triathletes) and high school level multi sport athletes. i also did some post rehab work before the athletes went back to their school and off season conditioning. and there were other various short term gigs.

well i had a kid, got married, got divorced, changed careers (i now work in IT so if you need PC help...), and gained a bunch of weight and stopped working out for years and became an out of shape 37yr old. im back into it since the spring. taking it slow so i dont cripple myself after a nearly 4 year layoff.

this year set myself a goal, to finally become strong. or as strong as i can. i even found a group of guys to train with that are competitive strongman and powerlifters. one guy has a garage gym that is awesome and i have quite a bit of equipment. the other guys gym has produced a few national level competitors so i know i am in good company to learn the ropes. most of them dont even know i was a trainer. i am stepping back and learning which is quite the experience.

my workout right now is fit to be able to work on the main guys schedule. right now i do this:

tuesday - deadlifts. started the coan/phillipi 10 week program as recommended by my new training friends. this workout is done at the strongman gym. :slightly_smiling:

thursday - bench. using wendler 5/3/1 for this.

friday - squat day. i was doing volume squats till last week and am changing to a focus on bringing up my backside and lower volume to handle the deadlift day better. plan on doing lots of box squats.

sunday - strongman training or shoulder press. every other week i dont have my daughter so i do most of the strongman competition lifts for the guys next meet. been doing lots of log presses, farmers, and tire flips. the other week i am doing wendlers 5/3/1 on the overhead press.

i throw in GPP work when i can.


Welcome sounds like you have a good set up and situation.


Welcome aboard. Training is very different than what you are used to eh? (beining a former trainer and all)


welcome, sounds like you got a great set up. you in Omaha?


Welcome aboard!


yep. sure am. you from around here?


OMG, just when i thought i knew it all i am humbled every workout with those guys on lifting mechanics and how different it is from the more olympic based lifting i used to do. but i am eating it up. learning all this new stuff almost makes me want to train people again, lol.


No, I am up in Minneapolis, but some of my training partners have traveled to Big Iron for meets.



you will fit right in.


Welcome, um . . . asooneyeonig? How do you pronounce that?


Welcome home, I hope you like what we've done with the place. Now it's time for personal growth. Give'r hell!


call me ozzie for short.


bench: wendler week 1
1x5 @ 125
1x5 @ 145
1x8 @ 165, im calling it a PR as it estimates my 1RM at 205. 20lbs heavier then i have ever pushed. yay.

dips and pullups superset
5x5 on dips
2, 1, 1, 1, 4 on pullups

for the pullups i am following the 20 rep pullup challenge. today was week 2 day 3 which ends in a max rep test.

had more planned but i could still feel my deadlift workout from 2 days ago and mild fatigue from the bug that i was fighting earlier this week.


i stopped in there a few times years ago back when rick was still alive. he was neighbors with a friend of mine. and now with becca living out on the west coast im not sure whats going to happen to that place. im not even sure who runs the place anymore.


Welcome Ozzie


good to meet ya!


squat: wendler week 1
1x5 @ 195
1x5 @ 225
1x2 @ 255
ya, so that kinda sucked. my right hip flexors gave out on that last set. i racked it, gave it a few, went a half rep felt the pain again and played it safe and racked the weight.

arched back goodmornings
3x5 @ 135
boy do i need to move these to the end. lesson learned.

1 legged romanian deads:
2x5 @ 70

swiss ball reverse lunge


KB swings:
3x8 ~50lbs

3x5 @ 95

power cleans:
2x3 @ 95

power cleans into front squat:
2x2 @ 115

deadlifts, week 2 coan/phillipi deadlift program, last 2 weights were the work sets:
2x2 @ 225
1x2 @ 275
1x2 @ 325
8x3 @ 265, done explosively

stiff legged deads:
3x8 @ 135

pullups: 3, 2, 2, 1, 2

prowler, something between 80-100ft. not sure exactly:
1 @ 90lbs, 3 @ 180lbs

sundays workout was so shitty i didnt even post it. i was way underecovered that day. slept great the last few nights work out felt great and i still feel great after this workout. and my workout partners even told me my deads looked the best they had ever seen. and faster too which is is what i am working on with this program, speed.


warmup, did some 360s with 8lbs. then did some clubbell swings/rotations with 6lbs each arm.

bench: wendler week 2
1x3 @ 135
1x3 @ 155
1x7 @ 175

pullups - 2, 2, 1, 2, 3
dips - 5, 5, 5, 5, 4

hindu pushups:

narrow hand placement pushups:
1x 10, 6

band complex:
1x10 chest press
1x10 pullover
1x10 tricep extensions
1x10 chest press
1x10 pullover
1x10 tricep extensions
1x10 chest press
and i was done!


Band complex? How does that work?