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I Wanna Get $wollen. Frustration is Real

I’ve been at this weightlifting thing for sometime now.In highschool I was 6’ tall and 155 lbs…My freshmen year of college I started a program called scrawny to breawny. It kind of worked… I was 180lbs… however, alot of the weight I gained was fat. After my initial weight gain I got a job as a traveling wildland firefighter(hotshot)…long story short: I was constantly on the road, always hiking,long hours, alot of cardio. needless to say I lost alot of the fat. That was about 2 years ago, Im currently about 170 lbs. Ive tried the 5x5 program(not very successful,felt like I was getting nowhere), I’ve built a few of my own programs(unsuccessful)

I’ve even tried German volume training recently and it was definitely not for me(Didnt get a pump, forearms and wrists too weak for all those sets, felt like I was just burning too many calories) I wanna start a program that finally swells me up without the 10lbs of body fat.I’d like to find a program that’s really challenging and gives me that ass kicking pump feeling.I’d like to noticeably put on 10-15 lbs in the next 6 months… Any suggestions?

few more details:I’m willing to work hard, I plan on adding more calories, my testosterone was 800 last time I checked, I dont do any cardio, I sit at a desk for work.current sups: whey golden standard, creatine 5mg a day, bccas, fish oil, zinc, multi. I’m also balling on a budget here…cant afford steak and organic fruits n veggies.

The photo attached is a before and now…160lbs-170lbs…I dont look bad, but I’d like to get suuuwwwwoooolen!

First off, did you get the lab work done?

If not, come back when it’s done.

And friendly tip, it’s not the program, it’s you. Scrawny to Brawny is a program that would do everything you just mentioned.


Get a training partner older than you who knows what he’s doing. Stick at it for another year with him and you’ll see some real results.

So you’re looking to gain a small amount of size (3-5 pounds of LBM) without gaining more fat than you have at this point (and even possibly losing some), over the next 2-3 months - snap some selfies for facebook/posterity and move on with your other goals in life?

Or are you looking to add 20-25 pounds of LBM over the next 2-3 years without adding an excessive amount of fat - which will entail some serious strength gains ergo serious commitment to the cause?

How do you have money for whey , creatine, bcaas, fish oil, zinc, and a multi, but no money to buy real food?