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I wanna get BIG !

My name’s jack and i’m 16. i only weigh 68 kgs and i hardly have any body fat. i’m 1.67 m, tall. i would like to gain some muscle and get stronger so i can play in team sports like rugby. i dont want anything that will influence my normal growth phase - if this is possible.

as u can see i’m pretty new to this all, and quite young compared to the other readers, but i’ll really appreciate it if someone could get me started with a 6-week or so program. I just wanna get BIG !!
Thanks guys.

There’s many different options for you without the use of drugs. Make sure you check out the Frequently asked Questions section. It gives you a list of different diets and routines to follow. If I were you, i’d go for The Get Big Diet, or John Beradi’s Massive Eating Diet. As far as training goes, you’d be better off with a high volume approach seeing how you’re knew to training. Ian King has amazing 12 week programs, I’ve tried them all. I’d get started on the 12 Weeks to super strength program. just scroll to the bottom of the page while in current issue, and click on the FAQ link.

since this is a US based site, you will get more reply’s if you write things in feet and pounds, conversions are a bitch.

Is this a joke?

I’m also 167cm (5’6"), 65kg (143lb) at 19 yrs. My one peicof advice is that you count your calories for a few days, more if possible. You probably think that you are eating enough food, like i did, but when you count all the calories you’ll probably find that you are falling way short. This is why I’ve been at the same weight for the last 6 weeks, not eating enough, when I think i am.

At 16, and 150lbs and 1.67m (abt 5 ft 5 approx)you don’t need any kinda drugs or prohormone. Plus you hardly have any bodyfat…I seriously think you are a genetic freak. Anyway, just pack in your protein and look up the training articles in dawg school for some solid training advice for beginners. If you do just that i promise you are going to be the biggest and strongest forward (i think you are forward). You might also look up some articles in t-mag from coach davies for some training that really translates to performance in the field. Good luck.