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'I Wanna Do Hood-Rat Stuff Wiff My Frinz'


7-year old steals car.


...my friend came over who smokes with cigarettes

lol what an attention whore

do you think you should be punished?

yea, a little bit...like no video games for a whole weekend.

can't wait to see this remixed.


but wait, theres more


Funny stuff...and no remorse..HAHA. I hope he gets straightened out before he IS old enough to get locked up.



A karate instructor at my first black belt test talked about almost getting stabbed on the job.

He's an elementary school math teacher.

He had just walked into the rest room between class periods. A 12 year old boy and an 11 year old girl are sitting against the sink nearest the door, "bare from the waist down," rubbing themselves against one another. He yells and grabs the boy at the back of his collar and pulls him back. The boy reaches down to puull up his pants, and instead reaches into one of the pockets and pulls out a knife, "shivs" it at the teacher.

Teacher moved the knife, almost got cut across the arm, stabbed in the abdomen.

Kid was handcuffed by police, and taken out of the school. He was laughing because he "was just a kid, they ain't gonna do nothin'" to him.

It's been said since Plato that kids "now are worse than ever," but fuck me sideways, they really fucking are.


lol damn I was wondering what gary coleman was up to.


LOL great stuff!

This was on Jimmy Kimmel a few months back, and I hadn't been able to find it online.


Heard about it a long time ago, it's terrible. BET is winning the fight for the destruction of young black souls..

It says so right in The Boondocks.


Unreal. Just...wow.

Agree. It's not getting any better.


Word....although,American television in general is winning the fight in the destruction of all souls.



His grandmother is worried about whooping him because she doesn't want to go to jail.

I'd beat the fuck out of my son.

Oh Yes...It's True!


"It's fun to do bad things", he says. There was a subsequent incident where he beat on his grandmother in a Walmart. The reason? She wouldn't buy him some chicken wings.


In his defense, it is fun to do bad things.


Depends on the bad things!!!!!


Kids lucky he didnt have my grandpa, I smarted off to him one time, and got the pleasure of learning how to pick a switch... when he didnt like it, he used a metal studded belt...

yes, i do believe in whopping your kids on the rear... this kid, should just be locked up for a while... before its too late to turn him around...



I with you , if they would want to put me in jail F__k em


The kind of help he needs is a good whoopin


Saw this at least a year ago. If this kid doesn't catch a life altering beating, he won't make it past his teens.


Damn this kid is crazy. I seen the video of him stealing his grandma's vehicle, but beating on his grandma because she wouldn't buy him chicken wings!! WTF!!