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I Wanna Be a Super Hero!


but I do wanna gain some more quality muscle mass. Ive been doing push/pull/legs 3 on 1 off, 3 on 2 off for a while but Im thinking of changing.

has anyone ever done CT's "super hero" program? If so how were your results? Or do you have a better routine that I could follow.

Im used to hitting muscles 2x a week so Im a little nervous about doin each bp 1x...

Id really appreciate some advice!



This week is my second week in CT's superhero-program, and I'm quite enjoying it so far. I also was rather nervous about the program being it "a little" different from TBT 3days a week, but the change in pace is kinda refreshing, to be true. And so far I'm looking forward to each workout and don't have any problems with motivation.

But I did ditch one bicep and one tricep exercise on day 2 for lunges and leg curls. Additionally I replaced one trap exercise on day 3 for 4 sets of calve raises. You can also change the set-rep scheme of the leg work on day 2 of week 1-4 to a more strength oriented approach. And last but not least, don't forget to warm up your shoulders and do some rotator cuff work cause the emphasis on the shoulders is quite taxing.

Overall with some adjustments (more lower body work)an enjoyable program. If you're looking for a pump, you're at the right adress. Though it's too early to be decisive, I can say I don't really have any complaints...(yet?).

Hope this might help.




Heard nothing but positive feedback about it. There's a thread somewhere else on it's results. I'm doing this spring semester. Why don't you try it and tell us how it goes?


The thread was called superhero hangout, lots of posts on it.


That looks like a solid program.


Here is the link for anyone interested:


EDIT: forgot original article:



thanks for the articles!! do you guys think this would develop an 'imbalanced' physique??


Three of us (coworkers) tried this program out late summer, and it works. We saw most gains in shoulders and traps.

I agree with Carnage's assessment to change a few exercises around. I felt arms days were too much as they'd just leave me more in pain than with gains, and our squats/deadlift came out of it all a bit weaker. We did train those two lifts, especially deadlift, a lot more before then.


The routine was written for a scenario that a movie star needed to bulk up for the "super hero" role.

If I remember correctly, CT specifically focuses on upper body "showy muscles" because that's what will be seen in the non-existent movie.

Short term (once a year), I like the routine a lot, but over the long run it doesn't have enough leg work.


Rasslore did you find good gains in your biceps and chest because I knwo there the 2nd 3 weeks focuses on chest and biceps?

also, did u notice gains in other bp BESDIES shoulders and traps??

Also where would someone go AFTER the super hero routine. it seems like CT has alot of good programs but I havent seem them all..


Chest gains were ok, and biceps didn't change much. What I took from reading the article was better nutrition/rest ideas and being introduced to a lot of new exercise variations. You have to find what exercises work best for you, and if I were to repeat the routine next year I'd likely get more out of it.

After the superhero routine, I went back to 3 day, full body training. 20 Rep Squat to be exact (because my squat was shit). Now, I've move into what I've read to be like a Bill Starr's 5x5 routine (lower body, upper body push and upper body pull).


wow Im suprised. from the link I was given about "hero's hangout" or w/e everyone said they had amazing gains in upper body and decent from lower...do u think if you went back to it you would have better gains if your nutrition was better or somethin?