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I Wanna be a Bodybuilder......HELP!!!


I wanna start training hard out and prepare for my first comp maybe in a year or 2 years time......however i wanna clean bulk not dirty bulk..............need some tips and advice with my training in the gym and nutrition




everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, no one wants to put on fat


i weigh 80kg now pretty athletic but i really need to put on some mass however i want it to be good clean mass


Start by reading the articles under the "DIET/MASS PROGRAMS" tab. Might be a good idea.... just sayin'


Really? Is that what you want to do? Earlier today you wanted to be a fitness model and not get too huge...just gain "5-10 clean kgs." Why the sudden desire to bodybuild? You can troll better than that, can't you?


find the biggest guy in your gym and say to him "you look like an asshole"

then wink twice.

this is the gym code for "dude i need to score some roids" cos you cant just ask him straight out for legal reasons. he should be able to hook you up with some good shit and that should help minimise fat gain as you put on clean mass.


I can vouch for this statement. 100% true


Fuck dick, don't give away the secret code!!!


sorry man i thought cos this was a bodybuilding site that it was ok to give the code out to newbs?


haha i know the code now, cool


i come over to the bodybuilding forum for the train wrecks but stay for the wit.

i think my BF is too high to stay though. my clean bulk left me with a dickdo.


If you do a clean bulk you can put on about one pound every 4 to 6 weeks, so in 2 years you should be about 190-200 lbs. If you do a cut that should get you down to about 70 kg, or about 154 lbs.

Hell, why don't you just start cutting now. If you do a clean cut, you can probably lose one pound every month, so you would have an extra 2 months to fine tune before the contest.

If I was you I would go for it!


Man just eat and lift. Get 'nuff protein, carbohydrates and fats and you should be good. People tend to over complicate things as usual. Start reading some articles on this site if you need to gain some knowledge about nutrition.


Using the words "clean bulk" is the code for saying "I don't know jack shit what I'm talking about".


No one is going to give you all the answers just because you asked. Those that are passionate about the pursuing this path commit themselves to endless hours of research


...often unnecessarily.


You bet your ass you have to when your researching certain necessary evils


i love the dirty bulk :slight_smile: im gonna have to do the asshole wink thing to the big guy in my gym


Careful, there, Marauder. I had to re-read your statement. I thought you were talking about your boyfriend.