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I Voted!

Whew! Glad to have gotten my voting done. I was really surprised at how long the lines were for early voting this time. I waited for nearly two hours! It was worth it to cast my vote to hopefully unseat the incompetent fool who lost the last election. Hopefully everyone will have a momentary lapse of reason and vote those crooks out of office. Let’s just hope their good buddy (Diebold) doesn’t have some scheme to disenfranchise us voters. It was the first time ever that I have used the touch screen voting machines.

I saw a funny bumper sticker today that was wasted on the people it was insulting… It said, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!” Most of the apathetic people out there probably wouldn’t even know what the bumper sticker was about. Guess that was the point.

I voted last week. I like to think my vote is going to kill Lumpy’s.

[quote]Roy Batty wrote:
Whew! Glad to have gotten my voting done.[/quote]

Yay!! Want a cookie??

[quote]Roy Batty wrote:
Whew! Glad to have gotten my voting done.

Cool, how many times?

[quote]nephorm wrote:
Yay!! Want a cookie??[/quote]

Nah, trying to cut right now. Thanks anyway.

Don’t worry Bush-lovers. Your man will probably still end up in office, and you can have your prayer in school, illegal abortions, re-stacked supreme court and costly war to your heart’s content. When my brother-in-law drives over a roadside bomb and is killed I will remember that you strongly believe in this war. Its easy to be all gung-ho about something when someone else can do your fighting for you.


Relax, President Bush has been President for four years and Roe Vs Wade has not be overturned.

By the way, if all of the young people who have been recently registered actually vote then John Kerry will be the next President.

Also, if all of the illegal aliens, and even some of the Kerry lovers get to vote twice in Fla. John Kerry will be the next President.

If the liberal media continues to push for Kerry then he may very well win.

You see there are still some ways that your man can get elected. It’s a close election, and while I think President Bush will pull it off, you never know.

I received an absentee Ballot request along with some bush propaganda in the mail. I then promptly voted for Kerry with it.
Tax dollars well spent I say.

just got back from the polls. Luckily, I live in Florida, a place where my vote may actually make a difference (assuming it doesnt get discarded). .

Ironically I have pro-life leanings… Just not as part of a religious agenda. I do feel like that law needs some modification, but for the most part I don’t even trust that either candidate expresses their real opinions. They are just pandering to their base.

The thing that truly concerns me is his Holy War on Islam. I know, it is actually Iraq, but tell that to the Arab nations who are recruiting at a record rate, finding thousands of willing angry young men eager to die for their cause. We made a mistake, and now we are going to pay for it by failing miserably in the Middle East. We cannot export Western Democracy to that part of the country.

The one time they were close to achieving it on their own (Mossedegh government, Iran, 1953), we overthrew their government and put a puppet dictator in place who eventually backfired on us. We have certainly accumulated some bad karma.

I can tell you this. One day our freedom truly will be threatened. It already is from the inside (Patriot Act). Years from now it will be from the outside as well, when the fuse we have lit in Iraq leads the entire world into war. I don’t want to see my boys marching off to be cannon fodder for the mistakes of an incompetent president.

I can’t wait to vote this year. I’ve been flapping my trap about it for months now and it’s time to put my money where my big mouth is.
Alas, I’m realizing that simply casting a vote is WAY harder than it has to be. I was registered in NY, but just moved to NJ, where I promptly registered as soon as I was eligible. (30 days after arriving here). I mailed in my registration and in the 2 months since have heard nothing from anyone. Called the local polling place to find out where I go next week, and I was told it would be included with the info I got in the mail after I registered. What info? Where? So, am I registered? If not what the hell do I do, drive to upstate NY to vote? I’m getting nervous…
Do you mean to tell me, HONESTLY, that in the 4 years since the last fiasco, no one came up with ANYTHING better??? ARGH!!
Sorry. And thanks for allowing me to rant a bit…


Yea, it’s a bit of a mess right now. If you think your man kerry can fix it I have to respectfully disagree. There is nothing in Kerry’s background that would suggest that he has the will (or spine) to win the war on terrorism. I’ll hang with the guy who has thus far prevented any further attacks on US soil!

As far as both candidates pandering to their political base, I have to agree with you. In fact, I have to admit that I am not convinced either man really cares about you and I. That’s one reason I don’t get all that upset with the extreme liberals on this forum.

I enjoy the give and take that the political forum offers. However, I will be more than happy to spend more of my free time on the other great threads that this forum offers after the election…you know what I mean?


I know you are an ABB’r. Isn’t Kerry actually pushing the “Anybody” thing too far?

Do you honestly think Kerry will “change” the international dynamic in a positive way?

Glad we won’t get to find out.


I don’t think Kerry can fix it. I just don’t think he can do any worse than Bush has already done. I think the wheels that Bush has put in motion have lit a fuse that will eventually lead to a world war, no matter who takes over from here. Bush would have greatly benefited by simply reading his dad’s own book. This is not a war that could be won. Another thing, by defining this as a war on terror, it is basically a pronouncement of a permanent war. Terror has no leader who can be defeated or with whom peace can be negotiated. Not like when Japan surrendered to us, when the Emporor represented all of his people. If you kill or make a terrorist leader surrender, there are always two or three more to fill his vacancy. Kind of like a hydra. We can fight terrorism without being engaged in a constant state of war.

Oh no, shades of “War is Peace” in your post. A perpetual war, where the freedoms are enhanced and liberties are improved and chocolate rations are increased from 50g per week to 30g per week.

Woohoo… I can’t wait to see how much better the world will be! Equity is Discrimination. Good is Bad. Greed is Good.

Sorry, I think somebody slipped something into my chocolate ration…

vroom - lol…in a scared way…

My favourite part of the debates was when Kerry used the term ‘Orwellian’. I figured it was too big a word and would get him in trouble, but it elevated the debates for one brief second…until BOTH candidates brought it down again…ah well, we can dream.

"Last Friday, October 22, 2004, President Bush signed the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 into law. It has been 14 years since anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) were added to the federal schedule of controlled substances placing them in the same legal classification as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines. "

What part of OWNED dont we understand, its like voting for KY or Vaseline before getting reamed.

Americans are stupid fucks, we deserve it.

The term “extreme liberals” seems to be used here to describe what would pass as “very moderate liberals” by typical western standards.

[quote]John K wrote:
The term “extreme liberals” seems to be used here to describe what would pass as “very moderate liberals” by typical western standards.


John K:

Take a little trip through recent history. You only need go back to President John F. Kennedy who raised the defense budget. He also was for tax cuts. In many ways he looked like a modern day republican. He would be rolling in his grave if he saw what the democratic party has become. Many are “extreme liberals.”

I voted as well…I only hope my vote for Kerry was actually recorded.

Lot’s of Bush action at the early polls today, it seemed, but I was surrounded primarily by senior Cubans…which explains it!


Did you also notice the lack of faith that the people in line had with the system. The crowd of twenty people around me we’re talking, and the consensus was that the system has control, there is no accountability, and with a shrug of the shoulders, we are doing all that we can.