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I "tried" TRT and it made a difference

In my last post on here, I stupidly “tried” a single injection of 200-250mg T Cyp. I didn’t expect anything to happen except some low T issues as it wore off. To my surprise, the first week my libido was sky high, had sex with my girlfriend back to back (haven’t done that in years), barely needed Cialis (which I normally rely on), and my balls started to pull up a little bit.

Sometime around a week after, my libido went back down, and now I’d say it’s a little lower than normal. Back to going several days without an urge for sex - at the beginning, I couldn’t get through a day. I did feel more irritable too, but that could be unrelated.

My last few blood tests showed a TT around 550, but I’ve fought HARD to get it there. FT % is around 1.8%. E2 around 20 and SHBG around 40.

I find it hard to believe that I’m having issues with T in that range, but the increase in sexual function was night and day. Anything else could’ve been placebo.

I tried Clomid last year and noticed a similar improvement. But my T was in the 400s then before I got my lifestyle in order.

Should I keep pursuing? Is it normal to be 34, reliant on Cialis, and fighting to keep my T in the normal range?

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