I Tried to Bulk...I Screwed up Didn't I?

February 29, 2008

April 13, 2008

May 25, 2008

June 29, 2008

August 17, 2008

September 13, 2008

I just got fatter didn’t I? It even looks like I was in the best shape on June 29. What am I doing wrong? I’m eating a lot (healthy foods), lifting hard, and doing cardio (not on lifting days), and I’m only getting fatter.

Routine and diet? Age, height, weight?

You’re not lifting hard enough.

You look the same in all the pictures to me.

RSG is right, you’re not lifting hard enough. Post the routines you did and a typical day of eating, and you’ll probably get some help.

You look the same. I believe some stats are in order here.

Did you even put on weight? To me you look exactly the same which tells me your probably not being very intense in the gym. And why do cardio if your bulking?

Post more info

As RSGz alluded too… you don’t pour more calories on if you are not going to use them. Your training doesn’t utilize those extra calories so. You are not bulking- just getting fat from having protein calories carbohydrates that are underutilized → hi fatness!

People need to understand that they have to ante up in the gym if they ante up at the dinner table. You dont get Hyooge just by only eating more and keeping your exercise constant.

I don’t know much about training since I have also in february 2008. I do know enough to tell you something is off. I tried to bulk but didn’t really eat much, just more than I used to and I now weigh in the whereabouts of 180-185lbs. I used to weight 155lbs.

My physique has changed a lot and my friends have noticed big time, most of my clothing feels tight now as well.

All I can suggest is to look into rippetoe 3x5 method, it’s what I did.

[quote]thekrown wrote:

“My physique has changed a lot and my friends have noticed big time, most of my clothing feels tight now as well.”


Ha! The friends that haven’t seen me in 2-3 yrs asked if I was juicing!

But anyways like the other people say, go hard at the gym and eat! Look around the forums, you will find lots of articles and helpful tips!

What are your lifts #s before and after? The reason were asking is because the object of Rippetoe’s program is to consistently add more weight in “linear progression”.


How exactly do I lift harder? I’ve been on SS all this time and I increased my each of my big 3 lifts by about 50 pounds (newbie gains).

It is his first post…

[quote]RSGZ wrote:
Routine and diet? Age, height, weight?

You’re not lifting hard enough.[/quote]

What are those things RSGZ asked for? We need that info to help troubleshoot you. Your deadlift should have gone up more than just 50lb while Im supprised your bench went up 50… WE NEED MORE INFO.

50lbs? from what? pressing the air. DETAILS. STOP HIDING. When you say 50lbs what kind of 50 lbs. Did you bench by bringing it down 2 inches then re-rack? I’m not being mean but your posts are so vague that there are countless reasons why you look the way you do.

The first thing that came to mind is that you must be neglecting important compound movements due to lack of strength(embarrassment in gym?) I can honestly say that while it may suck to be small and weak…80% of us start off that way…so hit the squats, deads, and benches even if you have to start of with little girl weights.


You are seriously off track here so I would also advise you to post any and all advice pertaining to your diet, exercise, cardio, hell pant size at this point :confused:


[quote]kinein wrote:


you may not get ‘friendly’ answers on here but please give more details! If you do I can pretty much guarantee you will get good advice and support, the people on this site actually do want to help but they need some stats!

I’m guessing you are really young? I don’t you were “bulking”. How many calories were you consuming?


There’s tons of help here but it’s hard if you don’t share the info requested.

you literally look the same in all the pictures. congrats.

and i think i have seen those pics before, if you are wearing bodybuilding.com shorts and you just cropped the pictures, don’t steal pictures.