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I Took Too Much Cypionate


I don’t have insurance. I am in the process of getting insurance. Right now it would cost me almost as much to go to my doctors and order all the labs Defy needs done before the consultation.

Even if I could get these 11 labs through an online company, it would be about the $279 Defy wants to charge me. For now, I’ll have to wait until I can figure out a more cost-effective plan.


Oh man that sux. How does it work though why are you paying defy , aren’t you supposed to pay the lab? I don’t know how it works.

Also try the get the script for now for free. Then at least you have the order.


Through insurance you are less likely to find competent doctors who are knowledgeable in sex hormones, then you will wish you had gone with Defy Medical. So now you have insurance and have found out it’s useless for TRT as doctors just aren’t knowledgeable enough, money is tight and you are out of options.

I have excellent insurance and live in Southern california and cannot find a competent doctor through insurance.


What are you suggesting? Did you have to pay $279 for labs?


I made the call to spend $628 on labs because I wanted a full thyroid panel and RBC magnesium test, then after the results were known I was approved for treatment, paid for and scheduled a consultant.

There are a few medical conditions that would preclude you from being accepted by Defy.

Hematocrit being out of control being one.


That’s nuts. You must have felt awful that you decided to spend that much money on labs. How do you feel now in terms of strength, energy, and mood?


Apparently Men Produce 7-11mg per day, at least that’s what i’ve read. so you could say that the average male produces between 49-77mg per week.

Unless Somebody here can show me the exact numbers chart, i am just curious to know please how much the average man makes per day & total per week. @systemlord @unreal24278 @hrdlvn


Hematocrit is measured in terms of the percentage of red blood cells per volume of blood. The reference range for men is roughly 38-50%. Over that is supposed to be dangerous.

You can donate blood to lower hematocrit. I just donated blood the other day. It was fast and relatively painless.


You can only do that until you crash your ferritin and that can be in as little as 4 donations if done 56 days apart. Ask me how I know? haha


The place I donated blood said to only donate once every eight weeks. Four times in 56 days is way too much to donate. I’m curious how you were able donate that much, once every two weeks.

Just curious, can’t you supplement to adjust for a possible ferritin deficiencies? I don’t know much about ferritin but for me iron was never a problem. Even when I went vegan for three years I never tested for anemia.


The blood banks in my state have a rule 56 days must pass before you can donate a 2nd time.

Yes you can supplement for ferritin but iron pills also raise your HCT the reason you are donating in the first place. Also it takes months( 6 for me to go from15 to 100) to recover from a crashed ferritin. When you donate a pint of whole blood your ferritin drops about 20%


Of course you have to have labs before they will treat you. I know they will accept recent labs from outside. I think this might be 90 days, you’d have to verify. I’m not sure if you could combine some of your recent labs plus a few new labs of the extras that I’m sure you don’t have already.


Thanks. Of course, I know I need labs before they treat me. It’s 11 different tests. The confusion was I thought the labs would be included in their bogus $250 consultation fee. “Consultation”? For what?

It doesn’t help that the guys who recommended Defy couldn’t give me a straight answer about whether they charge for labs or not. I really think less of Dedy that they charge $530 BEFORE any action is taken.

I’m not saying there’s no way I’d use Defy. I am saying about I’m currently not that desperate. Also, it’s not like they’re much accountability if I have a bad reaction to treatment.

As far as paying for labs somehow else. I wouldn’t save much money. I don’t have insurance. Paying for labs and doctor’s visits the last two months has kicked my nuts in.

As much as I want the benefits of TRT, it’s a serious long-term decision and, apparently, highly expensive. I’m only 33 and I would have to accept that this is, basically, a lifelong commitment, however long that is.

Not only is it a long-term commitment, but toying around with hormones and drugs (e.g. AIs) is serious shit. It’s not the wisest move to make before making sure I cannot boost T naturally.

That’s my rant. I don’t expect it to be very popular given the forum, but I think a lot of guys, many who are very young jump into a protocol too soon because they want instant results, instant gratification, and that is not the way to live.


Well said. Some guys come in here with 1 lab guy in the 20s And shows low t and what people think is high or low shbg and a forum member says they need trt.
No! They need a Endocrinologist to evaluate them first. This is complicated stuff. You go to a trt place like defy they will focus on hrt. What about adrenals, the whole endocrine system, testes , thyroid tumor, adrenal tumor , pituitary tumor , testes tumor etc… They’re plenty of diseases that can cause low t.

This is good read too.