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I Took Too Much Cypionate

After the body is overloaded with test cypionate (300mg, don’t ask) is there anything that I can do to mitigate the overall shitty mood and energy levels? Or do I have to wait it out?

Also, can anyone explain what’s taking place to make me feel so lousy? I keep running into the notion of high e2 but I am not sure that is the problem.

Basically, I have brain fog, poor concentration, impaired cognition, general muscle weakness, and low energy. I feel like shit.

Does taking too much cypionate raise adrenaline or affect thyroid hormones?

Also, I should say, I haven’t experienced most of the negative side effects associated with TRT, but in the month I have been on it, I’ve experienced severe anxiety and depression, and after my first injection I had somewhat of a rash. Does anyone know why this happens?

What is your normal dosage and frequency?

Do you have bloods that you could post up that were taken pre TRT?

High estrogen will cause brain fog, poor concentration, impaired cognition, general muscle weakness, and low energy, anxiety and depression.

Basically too much estrogen in a man will cause a lot of emotional instability, just think of women and you get the idea.

The higher your testosterone, the higher your estrogen.

You have no choice but to wait it out.

You could start out detailing your TRT protocol and all previous labs including SHBG, that is if you want to feel good all of the time and have a strong libido.

you may be having a reaction to the carrier oil. you can get T cyp in three different oils, cotton seed, grape seed, sesame oil. I like the grape because it is the thinest allowing me to use a very small needle. next time to get your T cyp script filled ask for a different oil.

anxiety and depression triggers. Are you sure its the T injections? Can you give more details about the 300mg? Did you do it all in one shot or over a week? How many days has it been since you did this? T cyp peaks in 24-48 hours and E2 follows that so 48-72hours.

If you messed up your T amount just once its no biggy just go back to your regular protocol.
Are you on T mono or do you take HCG and or an AI like anastrozole? If so how much.

Sorry for all the questions but if you want good detailed answers you need to provide as much info as possible.

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I started treatment almost a month ago of 300mg cypionate once every two weeks. Just had my third injection yesterday. After reading a lot of posts on T Nation I have since come to realize this dose is too high, and too infrequent.

Chalk it up to another case of health professionals not knowing what they are doing, and me neither. I have no choice but to find another way to get TRT or discontinue it. I couldn’t even work out today, I felt so out of whack.

I don’t have any signs of gyno or itchy nipples but I have to concede that this is an estrogen issue. I also have a thyroid condition I receive treatment for, and that probably makes matters worse.

It’s a stupid situation. I go to a clinic that gives me an injection once every 2 weeks of 300mg cypionate. No Hcg or Al. They don’t fill prescriptions. They don’t know what they’re doing and they’re probably not going to let me change the protocol. So, I have to find another provider (doubtful) or quit it.

I have since come to realize this dose is too high and infrequent to be effective. I don’t know how companies get away with such careless practices. The question I need answered I don’t think you can answer, and that’s where to find good treatment.

My last dose was yesterday afternoon. I felt awful all day today. I feel like my adrenals are overworked. I’m sensitive to caffeine, etc. This treatment obviously isn’t working.

Defy Medical staffs expert hormone doctors who have been optimizing hormones for more than 20 years, they offer telemedicine and all medicines are mailed to me. I inject testosterone in the comfort of my own home.

It’s not the treatment that’s not working, it’s the doctors administering the injection who are not working.

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If it is e2 related, could you not take an AI? I thought AIs were pretty fast acting?

is this some sort of joke? Higher test = higher E2. It isn’t as if the second immediately after your E2 raises to a certain point, you suddenly grow tits and have no energy. Think about DHT, when one takes high doses of test, their DHT will rise due to increased amounts of testosterone interacting with the 5a reductase enzyme, the same can be said with testosterone interacting with the aromatase enzyme, it would be absurd to expect DHT to stay within physiologic ranges while on a higher dose of test therefore you can’t expect estrogen and it’s various forms to be within physiologic ranges when testosterone levels are supratherapeutic. It’s far more about ratio than it is about numbers, if you had a TT of 400 and an E2 of 80pg/ml, yea that’s an issue and you’ll feel shit, but with a TT of 2000 E2 is mean’t to be high, it’s kind of the bodies way of attempting to maintain homeostasis. All this BS “Oh, I took slightly higher than my TRT dose, I instantly feel like a chick” is bullshit. Bodybuilders use 500mg + test/wk all the time, you don’t see them complaining, while every individual is different, I highly doubt a single 300mg shot is causing such horrific issues, just enjoy the high test levels for the next week or so, go to gym, smash your workouts, enjoy the potentially increased strength. Also, estrogen is important for sexual function, sense of wellbeing and libido, it affects the function of various neurotransmitters, and sex drive is mostly mental, if you’re not good mentally, you won’t get hard, that’s why if you attempt to have sexual intercourse with someone you aren’t attracted to, getting an erection can be very hard, because mentally you aren’t there. ESTROGEN IS IMPORTANT DAMMIT

BTW I’m also sensitive to caffine, I hate it. e2w protocals aren’t great, get on a weekly protocal


Basically everything you said is wrong. I didn’t just have one shot. I’ve had 3 shots of 300mgs since 9/11/18.

I won’t be smashing any workouts in the gym. I feel completely depleted and fucked up mentally and physically. No libido. Much less the ability to get an erection.

My only hope from this bigass mistake is that I gain some muscle mass thanks to the increased testosterone. Now I know how not to do TRT and I can warn others. That’s about the only thing I’ve gained.

I cannot thank you enough, systemlord. This past month has been hell. I will look into them.

You may be right about Al ameliorating many of my negative side effects but first I would have to get a prescription for it. That still wouldn’t solve the problem of taking 300mg of cypionate once every two weeks. Systemlord came to the rescue. There may be hope yet.

Alright so do you feel shit after the shot or before the next shot. If you feel shitty right before the next shot it’s because TT levels become sub-normal to low on e2w protocals for most before the next shot. Secondly, the rash is probably an adverse injection site reaction to the carrier oil or potentially the ester. Test prop gives me rashes when I inject it, PIP isn’t an issue but I get rashes. Thirdly, are you obese, or do you have a trashed liver, if liver function is impeded estrogen dominance can become a problem, obese people tend to have more issues with aromatase as adipose tissue contains aromatase. 300mg e2w isn’t going to have a huge effect on muscle mass in a short span of time, 300mg EW would, but that isn’t what you took.


All you need to do is change you protocol to every week at 100 or So. Wait 6 weeks. Give your body time to adapt and e2 will even out as well.
Yes 300 every 2 weeks caused symptoms because of peeks and valleys as @unreal24278 has indicated. Not really overload.

I never said estrogen wasn’t important, estrogen is important, too much of anything is also bad for you.

When men have too much estrogen they tend to get overly emotional.

Thanks for the replies. I have felt the worst following a shot, not before a shot. At no point during this treatment protocol have I ever felt good, much less great. I have never experienced great energy, improve mood or libido, etc.

I experienced a rash after the first injection on my chest and abdomen. Nowhere near the injection site. It wasn’t particularly bad and it didn’t last long. I think the notion of an allergic reaction to the esther is bunk.

I am not obese. I don’t have any reason to believe I have liver problems. I have about 12-13% body fat. The only thing that may affect TRT is that I have hypothyroidism, which I take medication for. I have found that if someone is hypothyroid or overmedicated their testosterone levels will suffer.

I don’t know of any connection between my condition and estrogen levels. What I do know is that systemlord seems to be right about the body converting T to e2.

Are you suggesting that I change the protocol like you said and after six weeks I’ll be used to it? I won’t have to take estrogen blockers?

The clinic I go to tried to tell me that I will get used to my current protocol, but since their protocol nothing like what is recommended on T-Nation, I don’t believe I’ll get used to it.

After my experiences so far with their treatment plan, I feel like this is completely wrong. I don’t think my negative side effects are normal, but that they are the result of an improper protocol.

I can say that with 100 mg a week you should not need an AI. So after 6 weeks you take labs on the day of injection. So if u inject every Thursday morning you take labs Thursday morning and inject when you get home from lab.

After u get labs and see what your symptoms are if any you can readjust protocol if necessary.

When you start your new protocol you may have some negative symptoms as your body adjusts.

A TRT protocol should be based off your SHBG levels, the lower your SHBG, the more frequent the injections should be. Mine is lower so frequent injections is a must or I just don’t feel as if I’m on TRT and respond poorly.

You want the least amount of fluctuations as possible, stability is the name of the game. Your body cannot adapt to instability which is why you felt so bad.

Is this because less SHBG means less of the T will be utilized?