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I Took the Neurotype Test: 2B, Close Second Type 3

Coach CT

Hope your doing great and safe
I took the Neurotype Test and scored Total

Type 1A = 26
Type 1B = 41
Type 2A = 68
Type 2B = 96
Type 3 = 90

So I am Type 2B like this even if the difference between Type 3 is not that much these times I am under a bit of stress that is maybe why I shifted more to type 3

Wanted to ask what is the best approach for me concerning Training since I used to do a lot of compound moves back when the gym was open and always felt drained I used when training like that would be missing cable and isolation work always I think I was training the wrong way based on what I read about Type 2B would love to hear your Clarification Coach & what are the best supplements for Type 2B please concerning Slowing the Nervous system down


Hey Coach CT

I just needed a Clarification since I want to Buy the Neurotype program & Nutrition plan for my Neurotype is that a clear 2B I took the Test again and I scored even more higher on the 2B Neurotype


Very likely. I have two 2B subtypes now, and the 2B confident has a lot in common with the type 3, just less organized by nature.

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So I am a bit lost so should I Train like a 2B or in a mix between 2B-3 since I used from a long time ago to train like a 2B Without knowing all these great information and science mostly and achieved great results with all the methods and likes of what you mentioned about 2Bs (Bodybuilding) hypertrophy Training so what should I do concerning the programs and what should I choose exactly

Hey Coach CT

If I am the Type 2B confident how should I approach training like a 2B more of a bodybuilding approach since that is really what attracts me since my goal is Aesthetics Hypertrophy